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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Cultural Renaissance ~ Lyrics ~ MobiusTripz

Culture, all just a walk a mile away,
arts, music, bars, churches, mushrooms, weed,
which way do you want to go?
I follow an unusual flow,
and know what I know.

College, hospitals, politics, friends,
good and bad vibes, change all around,
a new culture evolves but what is guidance,
babysitters we need not just jobs and supporting our stance.

Let me prove to you,
in a new age of change what I can rearrange,
to make sense of a silly game, and never alone, I have analytical friends,
close to the throne, with goodness in heart and motivation from sin,
brilliant minds so smart no reason for human suffering,
too often known current suffering conditions.

not acceptable,
labatomy table?
chemical unstable?

when is a chemical straight and in balance,
not under the mankind influence,
that is when it rings and resonates proper and perfect,
petroleum synthetic plastics virus proliferates infectious,
a poor technological waste from a greedy age.

Glass is pure and can be sterilized,
plastic is always with a touch from where it has been,
a viral bacterial world ecosystem get to survive,
but the benjamins get made in the end.

a Fact, no mere conjecture, research for they self,
trust not a word I say, as long as seed is planted,
thought forward already swayed, do not yourself betray,
stand strong proud and wise with caring,
never forget less fortunate and with sharing.

lifes's blessings,
art through a swath of time we weave,
run along with mem let's run mr morrison.,
baby let's run!

run another direction,
light is the other way,
in a football huddle I once called a play,
fired my team up, with spirt from scholl fort hunt now passed,
spirit when lamont runs, me trying to lead my own way,
this life past, mike and tom, lea, dave, ryan, john, names of our championed
freshman year, i saw greatness finally from which asthma once only let me observe,
I became a champion with you,
and would have certainly dies if alone.

mr patrick you dick,
pissed me off so much made me sick,
you tamed a wild side of me and earned my respect, realizing a moment is at grasp,
i was a kid man, a mere lad, but you brought the best out in me,
to fight no matter my David like size,
the best I tried, all I ever offered.

In the orchestra with so many friends,
pre occupired with a football fantasy time and time again,
i left music at its roots and mine too for what,
other lessons until these crossroads again cross.

Fogs, my coach and long time inspiration when I am weak,
I only wanted to perform at my peak,
you let me perform just a bit,
as asthma and high school insanity would admit.

Did you see the flash of my Father ever?
I prayed to d him well, and felt like fighting physical hell,
it kept me alive in spirit and soul,
you and dennis patrick made me dig deeper then breath,
the present moment I got to share great friend often foe.

winning a championship, losing together for years before,
talent i watched amassing, and back destroyed I had to play again,
with the big boys I always aim to swim,
David wind from time and time again,
body has passed a story in Spirit not pretend

The metamorphosis of life is that spirit can carry through life that survives,
because in poor thought is nothing but demise,
when and what does is take to get more wise?
If a moment of Gold is across the portal a step closer to the Lizard King ,
well you make the step through that portal and break on through to the other side?
Ray, Robbie, Jim, and of course John.
my real first name, John, Johnny be Good, Shooting Star, Mr. Cash,

or the name Steve, kinda has been flashy over the years, because it has punctuation forte and talent attached?
and how is this, you get named after gtreat names from folks before and carry and yearn to learn that way,
destiny and free choice, but explore we all must, some though air, some perhaps oneday time,
too many chemical, all toghetenr spiritual too ideal, reality sets in, strentgh i eat a meal, think real, threats are not an illusion, and my defensive trained from birth demolay west point mind sets in,
to defend thyself to defend others to use the mind and all avaialbale to promote not a choice of greater good, but just a good that only true good will bring, the balance of good complimenting good, and thus the Changing Times, Peace is Comings, and other song s have some sense portrayed into the future so that digitally, I made something that was worth something, no matter I die in a wrecked heap, still in love and with loving understanding friends and family, that I may be allowed to pick and choose my own persoanl perceived sins if they sustain me to be a better longer offering to the greater good and change that must and shall be brought about.

I heard a Minister at Bedford Road In Cumberland, Maryland, speak of being "radical". it is really a cool step above rebellious because with radical you can be smart enough to leave a rebel mentality of pain and retribution, with can and does bring good over all some times, however, the philosophy I speak of here is that in forgiveness through pain, the spiritual cornerstone of life, we experience an emotion, a chemical reaction, and then though of choices, we make out next destiny in the moment.

Make it more proper next time, even after the best times, do not fall game to the attraction of the coming pain of a target, after all, if your targeted, the intention from the targetee can never be well intentioned, whatever those intentions perceived.

So realize that and keep insanity in tact at the most basic level, knowing there is never a going back, and the to effect change is to affect change, and to affect change is to effect further change.

I try to write most often as original, unadlturated, truthful of course, or why bother?, with an inkling of thought and common sense and a greater balancing answer where no one suffers, i suppose when possible?

what a question, out own responsibilty to human life, especially the most direly suffering.

I want to be the citizen that digitally in my mind sees everything in my own moments, and can have insight to prevent tragedy when possible, and enjoy what is healthy, and prevent catastrophe when never giving up my own personal rights and freedoms as granted by the constitution of these united states of america.

the flexing of muscle, be it is social art, pop culture, greed, money and influence, brains, architects of schemes appearing legal, criminals, the firgt for progress, are all a manipulation so that you will react as programmed to fear!!!