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Friday, July 20, 2012

Distorted Crystallization ~ Lyrics ~ MobiusTripz

Sometimes the feed back is loud,
sounds almost backwards screaming,
the crystallization of thought takes over,
this is for real not merely dreaming.

What in an instant was a mindless quagmire stew,
has boiled up into thoughts all anew,
clarity starts to ring even more true,
can you make it through
through, through, (echo)


the ebb and the flow,
the give and the take,
so much at stake,
do not tempt fate.

The yen and the yang,
good and evil,
the ups and the downs,
like so many small towns.

See beyond the distortion of truth,
run to the promised fate beckoning you,
do not let these times take you out,
stand for something peaceful and proud.

Dig deeper then deep,
the gravedigger knows no depth,
find the promise offered and rise again,
These Times of Distorted Crystallization.

The paradox we rise above...