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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hang On for Daryl ~ MobiusTripz ~ Lyrics

I recorded this again today in a different style then my original.

My friends have been going through some real tough times, and I dedicate this to my homeboy Daryl!

No reason to get more personal then that...and Daryl says hello in the pic below...

That's us sharing hope and friendship!

What a great friend and inspiration.

He inspired a re-recording because he is such a tough hang~er on~er he makes my issues in life that are quite serious look rather trivial!


There is so much in life to hang on too,
yeah, yeah, yeah,
oh, yeah, yeah.

Everything in my life today is worth hanging on for,
even if things don't seem to go my way,
I always come back strong,
no matter,
I'll be ready to play.

because I know how to hang on,
cause I am always hanging on.

I have so much to be thankful for,
so I keep hanging on,
thankful for each and everyday
that I have to spend with all my friends,
as we keep on spinning round and round again.

keep hanging on, just keep hanging on
keep hanging on,
peace my friends I love you all,
don't ever give up man,
just keep on hanging on.