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Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Letter from a Grieving Mother

This is from a friend of mine and it it a beautiful heartfelt letter of her grieving since the tragic loss of her daughter.

She asked that I re-post it and please and share it.

Perhaps you will read this and share with her the support you same friends have shared with me.

She is writing, as has been professionally suggested, to help her through such a tragic loss that is in all actuality something words cannot ever quite describe.

The best thing she would enjoy is to see her letter of love and loss for her daughter to be "liked" and then "shared".

I hope this is well shared and she can see the support through a couple of simple gestures as we friends connect in support.

thanks, Steve

P.S. If you are reading this on my lbog, please share this link and please leave a comment for her here as well.

Thanks again, Steve

by Kristi Crites Fetters on Wednesday, July 18, 2012 at 12:15am

Dear Dumbass,

I want to introduce you to my Emmy Lou! First off Emmy was born November 21, 1995 at Sacred Heart Hospital, a beautiful little baby girl from the beginning! 

Her first word was Mama! She took her first steps to me! She learned to colors & to count by feeding her poppy M&M's! She loved to chase bunnies through the yard! Oh and yes she loved to cuddle!! 
As Emmy grew older her love of family and friends grew also! There wasn't anything that she wouldn't do for you! Her love of God was apparent throughout short but loved life! There isn't anyone that she met that she did not leave a lasting impression on!
While she was just a little she loved helping with taking care of her brother and sister! That bond was and is so strong! It hurts that she is not here, with them! 
There are so many things that I have and will miss out with my beautiful Emmy, like getting her ready for proms, dates and college! Her wedding day and the birth of her first child, my grandchild, you ask why I am writing this it is because of you Dumbass that I did not and will not get to see these wonderful moments in my daughter Emmy's life!
So now you know all the wonderful things about Emmy, I just thought maybe you should know beautiful young woman who died that day your truck slammed into her side of the car! 
Forever a Mommy with a broken heart