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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Proposed Medical Treatment for Trauma Related Blood Loss and The New Economy Emerging

Technology Challenge ~ 

Proposed Medical Treatment for Trauma Related Blood Loss 


The New Economy Emerging


BLSF ~ Blood Loss Stabilizer Foam,
CF ~ Compression Forms,
CCF ~ Cauterizing Cold Fusion

I have two ideas actually, one involves instantly freezing and area of massive blood loss, and the other involves the use of hopefully organic compressed foam with a compression inflatable compression style cast, or CF's ,for use in emergency trauma situations, or where ever else deemed so fit.

So first, I visualize a day when if I were an EMT and I was on the scene, I could utilize better technological advancements through the development of ideas like this that make sense.

So here I am and I, with assistance from others, now must first do our best to stabilize a patient before emergency medical transport.

I locate a cut that is losing a lot of blood from an artery. I know if I do not stop this bleeding I will very well lose my patient for certain.

I ask for a cartridge of BLSF (Blood Loss Stabilizer Foam), and I quickly prep the area (not needed in even more dire situations, is even possible) and spray the foam losely or in a CF at the area where needed.

My idea comes from my personal use with construction foam, and my combined Police Science education about trauma scenes and securing a crime scene always first after rendering aide, as well as my specific knowledge that the most common reason for death due to trauma is always blood loss.

However not always externally.

I have known EMT's, doctors, etc. and have asked many folks about these real life traumas and what they would wish they had at that moment that would most often help save lives.

This proposition will more closely address, in both theory and application, the use of these suggested techniques and technologies for more external or closely sub-epidermal style injuries as opposed to massive internal blood loss.

However, that is not to say that this cannot, or will not, evolve into a better science and sprout those seedlings to utilize one day as well either.

Again, this is for the trauma scene and stabilization, and once on the operating table, these conditions to treatment need to be understood from the aspect of a medical doctor and their team as well.

Such as could be the case in an instant, we have stopped bleeding, have administered replacement blood, started and I.V., and now are perhaps confronted with the questions of, how do we perhaps save a limb, or repair the damage properly as best we can.

It may be the two ideas can be used together, but one may work better in the field and the other may work better in the facility of choice for medical procedures, if that luxury is present.

I also prefer to make this known through my blog, as to document it today, although I have had each idea for many years.

I also want to further propel the pace at which something like this may become a practical life saving reality.

I also do not have the finances to place forward or the time to play enamored legal games in the face of losing time and thus progress.

Make it and when it proves to be useful, there is plenty of time to sort out business affairs properly and favorably.

I have presented other ideas throughout mix hodge-podge- blog (or maybe, all certainly sensible, simple, and now today more then ever easily be made into a prototype with speed, efficiency, and inexpensive physical design and construction.

As with any idea, research and testing and further design enhancements are the largest actual expenditures.

With our modern technology, that is not always so true today, and even if that statement still holds water, the amount of that water it holds, more specifically meaning the finances associated with the R and D is negligible comparatively to the same R and D that would have been done a different way a very very short time ago.

This is combining and putting to use cutting edge ideas and technology that can help save lives first and always foremost, and as a secondary benefit, become integrated in a new work force we are building in the United States.

We have employees, but not enough jobs, and jobs like these types of new products can make as we produce them at home will need to be filled.

These jobs are skill specific jobs and will require excellent training, often utilized in the armed services, but being offered more and more today at educational facilities, both corporate and private.

The work force of yester-year will not fill the jobs offered in the coming future happening already now, and that is a simple fact to be accepted.

Perhaps more colloquial ways of industry and farming will return with an even better emphasis on not farming mono cultures, the pitfalls of engineered genetics in seed crops that require chemical herbicides in which to thrive, as well as the seemingly overall raised awareness in nutrition from seed to mouth, and with also the seemingly rise in common knowledge.

We are making better decisions that are friendly to the republican and the democrat, and also at times perhaps scary to each as well, as it is often a new area, a new science, and the investment to propel it costly.

We can generate new products from ideas and technology that grow the economy and protect the environment and help more people prospour, not less.

That is also a fact of where we are today, but no one usually says it quite so boldly.

Here are three links all from the same site.

The first is more specific to technology, and the others are for you to explore this great web based site.

Politics aside, and I am not trying to be political nor take any side, but rather share my own perspective and thoughts on what is and will be happening, and hope to hear back some excellent conversation or spark some others to see the great changes coming and get excited about it, but be patient as well.

Rome was not built in a night, and we all know Rome also fell, so we want to build something both fruitful to all and both strong and self sustaining while also being able to continue to nourish for generations of many ages yet to pass.

As I am very idealist in my purest of thoughts, I would also say these advancements should be maintained to help others abroad and at home as so spelled out by the very construct of our respected laws today, starting at home with our very own Constitution being our foundation along with it's inherent Bill of Rights.

I am pleased to see the leaps and bounds of progress being made.

I am enthusiastic about the prospect of, and this is only a huge and hopeful maybe, The University of Maryland coming to my home town for a campus.

Perhaps an engineering science and technology campus as I have partially proposed in thought, not yet on paper locally.

This a suggestion to me by a friend Dr. Efimba, P.hd. M.I.T.

He has also been a professor at Howard university for thirty eight (38) years.

Robert E. Efimba, Sc.D., P.E.
Associate Professor
S.B. (1963), Civil Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
S.M. (1965), Structural Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
C.E. (1969), Structural Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Sc.D. (1972), Structural Mechanics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Perhaps some of my ideas are already out there, and I know some are as I have shared many of them here and with friends in different respective professional fields.

(Google: Swygert HRDC)

It was my thoughts expressed in that featured news article at The United States Department of Energy, written by me that made me ask Dr. Efimba one day at a MathCounts regional competition in Virginia, what he thought would be a great thing for my local community to promote healthy technological green change, growth, jobs, and even better promote our local community with better private sector growth as well, and provide a prosperous long term future for the direct local area.

He simply said an engineering campus from a highly esteemed college, and highly touted The University of Maryland, right here from my small towns home state.

He has offered to help me with this proposition as well, but as of yet I have not contacted him, but plan on doing so if things move forward progressively and satisfactorily.

The University of Maryland already works with other institutions here, and that will just make any future possibility of this happening that much easier.

My friend Carl Mikeman of N.A.S.A., and many other hats with a resume simply to long to quote, even offered to give critical expertise to anything I (we, who ever that may be) propose in writing.

I am also awaiting a response from my local city in response to my request for an appointment to the Economic Development Commission here in Cumberland, Maryland.

I will further this proposal the best I can at any capacity what so ever, and was very pleased to see that their are some other local politicians that seek a similar, yet less refined then mine, as so revealed thus far, proposition.

I am simply hoping to combine forces when that day arrives and see if we can help our city further upward, and help our country for ages and generations to come.

That is how I see this "thing" today in politics.

Politics seems a distraction to progress at this very moment during these ridiculous election campaigns, although we are so blessed indeed to have every four years!

There is no republican solution or democrat solution per se, that addresses every aspect perfectly as they would each individually like to see.

What I propose is what I see that it is befitting and complimentary to each party in philosophy (we all know actuality never goes perfectly as planned for long), and more appropriately befitting to "we the people" , all of us, and its very stem roots back to what the dictates of our past to now present bring to our door of opportunity to decide on for our collective future and well being, and to move forward with coordinated efficient planning and vision.

That is truly the time we are in.

If you like it, enjoy yourself, to eaches own I believe as well, however the majority wants change, jobs, better education, and we are here right now and there are answers being placed forth that are sensible in every respect, lest greed. (sarcasm)

 for long term health of this nation and the continuation of what we all strive for in the american dream.

The progress is going to be made with a further commitment into infrastructure like Cornell's new university!

This looks to be the creme de la creme!

Cornell University, New York

I do not want our city to grow too fast, nor do I want it to be disgraced with un-complimenatry architecture or eventual urban sprawl.

I would like to see a further continued appreciation for our environmental prestige and beauty we have so well maintained, and will continue to do so.

There could be no better place then here for technology and design to be better utilized and preserve the very beauty of the area where it will be designed, if that seen should come to sprout. 

Time will tell, but again, I just prefer to offer the hope of help and progress from a local grass roots level, upwards back to the people that deserve it, we the citizens in the end, who will and always have worked for progress and the fruition of each our owns American Dream.

We are in a nightmare, so wake up and see what is staring us in the face and let's invest in the things we need to produce what we will be making.

Let's also not turn a naked I to Greed in the progress.

So back in the field...

( I do not think these thoughts living like Walter Mitty, however I am spelling it out here for the purpose of visualization for the reader, you!, and I hope after some deeper thoughts, a few never too often laughs.)

...after following the protocol and stabilizing the patient as best possible for transport, if available, and also at least making the trip to the hospital from the field more likely to be life saving, because time and blood have been saved as the patient may maintain enough of their own blood to sustain life, buy enough time to make it to more blood or assure that the blood on hand is sufficient until the wound can be more properly repaired, or at least manageable, and then eventually closed, after whatever other procedure may be required.

The time saving proposal is important too of course, as that is time that can be better utilized with further on scene treatment when needed, as well as, better communication to the hospital, also using real time imaging perhaps straight from the field.

To change gears, the other idea I have is for a cauterizing cold fusion of compressed liquid gas (perhaps like freon, or nitrogen or hydrogen which ever is best and usable in this application but not limited to those alone, as they were merely examples)  in a very very specifically administered controlled application, as to do otherwise would cause more tissue damage.

There may be slight damage at the site, however death from blood loss is certainly and inarguably a larger price to pay, then perhaps surviving and healing perfectly or even with the loss of a limb, but with the chance to survive, heal and share the greater values we all seek in life with friends.

I have excellent ideas for how these particular apparatus' can be designed, what protocol I would suggest to follow as per their inherent design, and I hope that we make these in The United States as well, however, I would rather everyone anywhere be instantly able to benefit from any technological advance like this, if it indeed becomes proven and therefore most certainly worthwhile in the combination of other treatments for trauma suffers while saving their lives.

I will keep my thoughts in words to this much for now, however I have a lot more in my mind about the specifics of this from most any aspect.

I can be contacted through this site straight to my email if any professional would like to discuss this further, help me through the patent process, speak business, or discuss the more subtle ideas and suggested protocol of these devices more intricately.

I also have an idea for instant encased compressed foam body suits in race cars, as this would be better then the jarring hits they absorb, and too often do not escape from with their lives.

I love racing and cars and mechanics too, so these thoughts are not second nature, but really first.

This is a work in progress, please forgive mistakes, and I will add to this often supporting links below all of this original text, and edits will be documented, either here (if huge) or digitally at the server.

Please share any thoughts, observations, links, etc. you may have that are applicable as I would enjoy any information supporting absolutely any views, as I am open minded when searching for seems to only make sense when an answer is still the sought unknown.


from 07-18-2012