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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Timeless Thoughts ~ MobiusTripz ~ Lyrics

magical poetry,
makes the eye perceive,
words i share incessantly,
a mind we each weave.

collective spirit on retina cast,
in the mind to forever last
memories stay but come so fast,
guide our fortunes of futures from past.

if i exist in your memory,
its really you looking back at me,
perplexed perhaps or bleaque serenity,
the mirror of time and all it's scenery.

i am because you are so in mind free,
cast no shadows on my you're beloved memory,
we all root from such a common peaceful tree,
me the you looking back at me...

love will heal again, mirror reflects the free!

where is the sunshine in you're life?

bask in the healing nature of bathing light and sun...just thoughts...timeless thoughts
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