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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

"Ban Bath Salts and Legal Weed" ~ Facebook Group for Everyone to Join

"Ban Bath Salts and Legal Weed" ~ Facebook Group for Everyone to Join

Please join our group founded on August 14, 2012 in Cumberland, maryland.

This is an initiative to help outlaw the sale of Bath Salts and legal Weed in our local comunitty, our county, our state, and eventually our nation as well as ban the import and sales of the chemical compounds that make up these new classes of designer drugs.

I propose that we outlaw any of the drugs that are in these conglamorations of BS and LW as well as any chemicals and/or compunds that are in even a remotely similar or like genetic molecular structure so that these chemists can no longer skirt the laws that have been passed thus far and simply make a new "resipe" for these drugs that are catastrophic, highly addictive, and causing a plethora of issues.

Please join and like the page below:

You may sign the petition here:

Get the latest news and updates at my blog which is constantly updated several time a week:

Thanks for your support!

Be a voice and do not let ruthless immoral businesses and crooked greedy companies continue to poison and kill our citizens by using sneaky chemists to skirt drug laws and construct these designer drugs that are proving to be heavily addictive and devastating in so many ways.

The proof is at my blog and if you do your due diligence, the conclusions you can draw yourself should be abundantly clear by any reasonable person.

Demand that your local, state, and federal officials swiftly and effectively address these issues immediatelly before more people suffer needless heartache, and some ultimately, death.


Simultaneous to the Project Fit kickoff, Dr. George Garrow, Chief Medical Officer for WMHS, was hosting about a 150 people at a forum on Bath Salts. The panel that he assembled was excellent and the program was extremely informative, as well as, very well received by all attendees. Physicians, nurses, other staff, Health Department. employees, community counselors, prison officials and others were in attendance. Between comments from yesterday's audience and very positive postings on Facebook, the demand for additional sessions on this topic is great. WMHS will hold another forum next month. After the lunchtime forum, there was then a special training session for law enforcement on Bath Salts. Law enforcement officers from Cumberland, the Sheriff's Office, the State Police and other jurisdictions were in attendance. That session was also well received. 
Because of the seriousness of the Bath Salts issue, WMHS will remain in the forefront of increased community awareness, community education, education of professionals and certainly caring for patients who fall victim to a bath salts overdose. Our ultimate goal is to have our youth as well as our adult population focus on more health and wellness related activities such as Project Fit so there is no longer an interest in or a market for head shops selling Bath Salts.


Author: Barry P. Ronan, WMHS President and CEO Monday, August 13, 2012Bath Salts (Part II)

There was a great article in yesterday's Cumberland Times News about the bath salts epidemic facing our community.

A link to the article is attached.

This week the Western Maryland Health System is sponsoring a community wide presentation on the bath salts issue.

The program is open to physicians, nurses, social workers, school nurses, principals and corrections staff.

Dr. George Garrow, Chief Medical Officer for WMHS, will present along with our Trauma Nurse Coordinator, Chuck Barrick; Dr. Christine Lee, a WMHS staff Psychiatrist; Rebecca Myers, Program Director for the Health Department's Outpatient Addictions; and Capt. James Pyles, Maryland State Police.

There will be a case presentation, a review of the growing incidents as a result of bath salts and the impact on the ED, review of clinical issues related to bath salts and Q&A for attendees.

Following the community wide presentation is a similar presentation for 30 members of area law enforcement.

A training session will be held with some of the same panel expertise that participated in the community wide meeting.

This epidemic is spreading with overdoses related to bath salts being seen in our ED each day.

In addition, the head shops that sell the bath salts are opening throughout the region with increased frequency.


July 26, 2012:

Barry P. Ronan ~ WMHS President and CEO

Bath Salts: The New Drug of Choice

Now these are not the kind of bath salts that one can buy at Bath and Body Works; they are synthetic drugs that can be purchased legally over the counter.  They are chemicals that look like cocaine, but are not intended for human consumption; however, they are being sold as such and have become the new drug of choice.  They are legal because as soon as the main ingredients are banned by law, the manufacturers in Pakistan, Afghanistan and other such countries change one molecule or compound and the ingredient can be called something else.  There is no dosage and for $20 you can get high for a day, three days, end up in the Emergency Room, in the Intensive Care Unit or dead.  You can smoke it, snort it, inject it, insert it rectally or swallow it. 

The WMHS ED is averaging two overdoses per day as these have a profound effect on the central nervous system and the cardiovascular system.  We have had patients end up in ICU, near death as a result of the synthetic drug or their actions while in an enraged state resulting from the drug.   We have had teenagers, pregnant moms and even a grandmother in the ED due to an overdose.  We have had a 130-pound young man who overdosed on bath salts and in such a rage that he jumped through glass windows of the homes of strangers; it took three large men to subdue him then transport him to the hospital. 

A new bath salts convenience store recently opened about two miles from my house so I ride by it every day.   Each time, day or night, the parking lot is almost full.  Their patrons are of all ages, sizes, shapes and colors.  Even the County Sheriff went in uniform and purchased bath salts to prove a point.  We have to figure out a way to get the message out as to the dangers associated with bath salts and other synthetic drugs without introducing young unassuming teens with an insatiable curiosity to this newly crowned drug of choice.