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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My Comment to WCBC on Bath Salts ~ 08-07-2012

I am glad to see you covering topics with weight here on WCBC...thanks for helping to keep our community informed.

Here is a link article at my blog that has unfortunately been read more often in a month, then what I had published at The United States Department of Energy nearly two years ago. (you may have to copy and paste it into your browser)

I hope you will share this so that others may be made aware of the exact confounding issue these chemicals cause be it in legislative measures that are difficult to pass and then enforce due to the chemistry itself of these compounds, as well as the dire circumstances and ultimately death these new designer drugs can be attributed to.

Ultimately it is education, awareness, and voicing our dis-pleasures with these compounds in our communities that are tearing families apart and adding fuel to the criminal issues right here at home, much less across our great nation.

I suggest also learning the tell-tale signs of use, especially if your a parent, and seeking treatment for the abuser involved.

The article is updated with new links often so anyone can research the issue for themselves and draw their own conclusions.

Thanks again for keeping us on top of our local important issues!