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Sunday, August 19, 2012

O'er Yonder Hill ~ Poem ~ MobiusTripz

O'er yonder hill where once was just green,
now exist debacles once man could only dream,
disasters we built all better off if ne'er seen,
the mariner's albatross dead will never again preen.

To depart from nature man too often chooses,
gnashing, and slashing, fighting and gashing blood oozes,
in selfish dreams Earth destructs and man still snoozes,
like the destructive drunk just marking time only boozes.

Once upon a time for us all a chance for bright futures given,
away from nature, balance and life from our souls we have driven,
flocking together aimlessly, homeless as lost scavenger pigeons,
society and citizens alike left rotting mere smidgens.

O'er yonder hill and horizon a new sun shall rise,
in death is the promise of lessons from foolish lost lives,
like the bees that are disappearing that die in sad poisonous hives,
to ourselves we lie, pay the price, doing wrong we together have contrived.