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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

She'll Sea Sands ~ Love Poem ~ MobiusTripz

She'll Sea Sands of Time Trickling Past,

Our Love Turned to Stone Shall Now and Forever Always Last,

Ne'er Truly Gone, Alas,

We Walked Once Here,

Our Together Favorite Path,

...and Shall As Always Return Together Again Once More.

...a true love poem and picture from a forlorn love now forever lost, oh such deep and anguishing ache, please just I offer it away, and stay thankful for time so well we shared my love.

The thought of a fossil on our old trail gave me deep thought of times shared there, passing of love and life, the metamorphisis of turning to stone and then dust, and doing it all over again in due time.

So until that day we meet again in the cosmic universe my Cancer, for now your Capricorn holds for you only thoughts and memories, from a place in time where once there was a warm and beautiful flame of love so shared, and now not even an ember shall ever in this life be alight again.

...but in another time, I shall see you once and forever more, that was the love I once had for you to share, which you chose to just frivolously give away, in the throes of another's passion play, and so now our love from past is set in forever stone.

Wildcat Hollow ~ Cumberland, Maryland

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