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Monday, September 3, 2012

When You Ask Me I Am Just a Dove ~ Lyrics ~ MobiusTripz

riding light beams through cosmic streams i can dance forevermore,
riding light beams through celestial dreams, i can sing with glee of lore,
riding light beams louder then galactic screams, i will write and hear music forevermore,
riding light beams through my persoanl dreams, i'm cascading towards that shore.

sparkling, glittering, shimmering, glistening,
rokkin to that shore, i keep rokkin to that shore, and rokkin to that shore,
i hang on now to these light beams like i never have before, i never have before,
through this sea of life we all share that ends at the ever closer beckoning shore.

then light beam journeys start all anew,
we rush the sea-shore front together boldly not prude,
secure what we need as we conquer with mad greedy lust,
and then forget the generations to come,
their economy so ripe now with our fresh rust.

history became a friend to me,
lent me vision beyond eye and through time, in my mind i can see,
a new scholar yet unproven am i,
wish me well please for today,
for tomorrow i may peacefully die.

but will love you each forevermore...

If I be, or you should think me, enemy,
breathe in deep and reaize you still just know me quite not yet,
I am a passionate soul, companion, and friend everlasting,
weights of worlds at times on my shoulder so set never at rest.

yet I always carry on like the weakest soldier...determined to overcome that which in not just...

But know this each too, all my friends,
I am out streched with hands and arms and a soul of love,
and ride the light beams further and further through time,
I may be the lark, the dog, family, friend or foe, but when you ask for me a mere dove.

Soar high with spirit to new heights you each know,
I am 44 and my generation is high speed and not slow,
tired of the political show,
shed the politics and lets get the ball on a massive progress roll!

on these light beams we all ride,
together live or die,
through the fabric of space time,
can you even argue this a lie?

surf the reality of life together and make these differences today,
today, today, today...

so letz fly together as one and above all that we know is sin,
start rebuiling this nation again,
history, roosevelt, the C.C.C., eras of depression staring at me,
i see this garbage repeated in recent past history,
staring at me, and staring at me.

answers staring at me i constantly seek,
to turn this morbid economy back into the enterprise free,
we have all come to know love and share worldwide,
get off that money, let's lend, and find some life together let's strive.

tonight i am writing,
perhaps a little bit frightning,
things are flying right past,
but you read and then listen,
with you i share vision,
and with friends all sin comes to pass.
life eternal shall always last!

life eternal shall always last,
as we get closer to that shore,
in this sea of life, and drift so closer to that shore.

where i will rest aside all of my commrades lost never ever again, forevermore.