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Monday, September 3, 2012

Rotten Trotten Opiod Not Talking or Spellin or Spilling ~ fuk grammaddicts ~ Lyrics ~ MobiusTripz

pretty upset the dea just took my flourishing weed,
hard to make or smoke a dime today indeed,
and we keep trying to tell them we are good men, work hard and want to make a buck,
and we will pay those taxes too, because with hemp and weed, the economy has fresh seed.

It don't take no common sense to know,
that the good book said a seed sprouts a plant,
and soon we all can feast after harvest,
and in the octber moon celbrate and dance.

ron paul says if you want to get high on hemp,
better be the length of an entire telephone pole,
and you know what that man is a baby delivering brilliant senator doctor,
he know how to releive a nations heavy financial load.

but common sense ain't so common,
friends i once had too,
we are all so hurting the know could be in the back of me or you,
i hope i am getting through,

friends, friends, friends

if you got an acre or two to offer,
a place for me my dog and my tent,
a place to build small cabin one day to live in,
and if a stream could feed me well, i could never love such more,
because with age and health and wisdome life brings me to this door.

and its reality, reality, reality

i have shared my own home with so many,
makes my head spin and feel wicked dizzy,
why they could not realize when they looked in my eyes i was there final heard cries,
fuckin kills me deep inside out and rotten, never walk the paths i have known.
never be caught where i have been trotten.

rotten trotten opiod not talking or spellin or spillin so spillin,
we all been illin, so illin, so mofo illin,
sick withdrawl flu got you hot sweatly and chillin,
the projectile vominting ill ill you be so fucking illing,
i tell to you my sister and brothers my eyes have seen it all before its killin.

RASTA BREAKDOWN, rasta voices all over...invite rhys...sucker !...miss ya bro and timmy and ben and so many friend from then infinitum!...rhyme that up biotch~~~