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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Celestial Alignments ~ Lyrics / Poem ~ MobiusTripz ~ Poetry of Love, Life and Lasting Longevity

Another times sun fades away,
and stars above shine bright,
celestial alignments soaring by,
both our glorious days and nights.

What do you hear in your mood,
I hear pure musical interludes,
Chopin, Beethoven, and Mozart too,
sweet audible memories forever singing true.

The mind's perception across space time always perpetually afloat,
soaring upon starry nights skies luminescently glowing and gleaming,
now memories forever a mere calling to mentally tune back in,
through my mind beautiful angelic melodies always are forever streaming.

Eternal sounds of solo singing angels,
sweet chorus in my conscience's ear,
resonating harmonious sounds glorious always playing,
in my mind I always hear.

Both a moon and mood so full,
twilight beneath these sparkling stars,
a kiss stops a moment in time forever,
a bookmark in time while forgetting who we are.

As Fall comes swift with friends by fireside,
as do seasons always swiftly come and go,
Celestial alignments passing through the skies,
dance your life as they, sublimely swaying too and fro. 

With our galaxy we shall all now flow,
let the bad melt away and not upon you stress bestow,
observe the galactic celestial Milky Way glow,
One day certain for us all to share and as one know.

Until then Celestial Cosmoses Alignments,
teach us each so well challenges and life's delicate balance,
swaddle us in space fabric of your sweet outstretched cradling arms,
protect us each and all with your so sacred loving warming valence.

Every Deity of Every Personal Soul Claims, " I Am Who I Am."

So who resides in me is, " I Am Who I Am, As Are You."

Together in Spirit, We are All of one Thought, Purpose, and Spirit
and therefore Together Complete.