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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Man Who Abandoned Dog On Mountain Agrees To Give Her Up ~ title from link in article

Please read this and share what you truly think...maybe I am wrong...but should this man be forced to have to give up his dog?

Have'nt they been through enough already?

I personally think him giving up his dog is total bullshit, and so are the charges he has faced!
If I go on a hike with my dog, and there is a change in weather so severe along with her being injured and she is left behind (she would follow me if she could) why should I face charges whn I have had to save my own life in the process and then be forced to give up my beloved pet?

He does not cotrol the weather and he dilgently reported the incident and the dog as left behind and injured so he could get her help.

I am sure his dog will be miserable without him, as mine would be too.
So, does anyone really have a good argumet for me to see this diffrently (I am openmined and perhaps I am missing something),  or is this outcome through a plea arrangement a huge travesty of justice just like I think it is?

What are your thoughts please?

If there is enough support, and the story is reported accurately (all too often not the case today in the media), I would like to help organize a group to petition that he be able to keep his dog, but I would like some thoughtful replies first.

Perhaps you can/will repost this too and see what answers stream forward.