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Monday, October 1, 2012

I AM Who I Am ~ Poetry / Lyrics ~ MobiusTripz

As this decrepit pile of bones,
becomes even more sensitive then just a yesterday ago,
I slowly too change and become so more deeply attuned,
I dig my pains baby black red and blue.

These lessons as I fly through the fabric of space time,
carry truth oft born from lie,
but most off with my passion and heart,
Angels, Saints and friends hanging out flying high.

Above the mental anguish and physical clangs,
the gut and heart wrenching struggle,
to rapell such a terrain as this just for the chance of mere life,
and how much longer can one hang on?

In is known and it is written in this song,
forever when you fly with the Saints and Angels,
forever you may hang on,
forever you may hang on.

Just choose the flight with they,
that that soar and glide so free,
and their are no excuses,
for upon yourself laid pain and misery.

Healing is an art, not a prescription, fucking drugs,
I see medical professionals push more on me then just drugs, fucking thugs
I do not get no proper promotional guidance or peaceful loving hugs,
lawyers that want me to lie to prove my case, not just, where is love?

Yet punish me for today I walk,
perhaps I anger you with the way I write and talk,
Judge me not lest ye the self be judging as if in a mirror only with yourself,
cast out my soul you may try, conquest further on, or my choice is my body to die.

Medical world let the proof you see,
not lost in your science but all the proof you need to see be,
nothing as perfect imagined such as the universal and ultimate shared destiny,
will ever be understood by mortals, much less science, yet already a part of forever history,

I am the you most cannot even see,
to figure me out is a huge mystery,
I know to do what I do because it is what through Faith I believe,
perhaps crazy to most, but we all have a destiny.

Most of my life traveled with a direction unknown,
I flow like a current and roll like the stones,
To be lost in not worry is not such a poor place to be,
but its lonely down here watching with God's eyes the suffering and misery.

But who am I just a silly mere man,
but I am always true to my Faith,
and I am Who I am,
I Am Who I am.

I Am Who I Am,
and somehow have been each of you,
I know this man from somewhere before,
another day of deja vu.

Uncharted river through illuminating portals of light,
shimmer and make my shooting start burn brilliant and bright,
let me shine forever you Light,
Lord I thank you for what is so far my vision your sight.