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Monday, October 1, 2012

Reap Then Beget ~ Poetry / Lyrics ~ MobiusTripz

Life a quickly fading dream,
what happened to so many aspirations,
wasted time missed invitations,
veils behind which I hide my liquidation.

Four decades and a few years passed by,
So forgive me while I melt into the sky,
I have never once lived a lie,
in in all my mortal sins, truth leads me where I fly.

I have been a beggar and been a thief,
I have known pain with no relief,
mental anguish and broken back,
molested, heart and gout attacks,

Then there is me diggin in deep,
lost at times in my pitiful little misery,
thinking you fuckers should all be staring up at me,
but better centered in healing, thanks for not being a fellow comisery.

Dreams have changed and so has life,
I am still the same man you've always known,
no matter the greys the wrinkles, the withering wreck I am to become,
and sometimes hunched posture when we greet me with such wrecked bones.

Or tomorrow I shall run and find a freedom zone,
where no pain exists in this vessels bones,
the soul in the mind lighter then anything known,
more powerful then anything science will ever hone.

In this body that way I will remain,
and I will stand straight and tall and well again,
I will through spirit restore what is wrecked,
the true promise of the currents healing, reap then beget.