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Monday, October 1, 2012

Trapped In Time ~ Lyrics/Poetry ~ MobiusTripz

For others to think I do not see,
they must be so purely blind,
I have eyes from all perceptions,
no matter my face smiling or unkind.

Think your slick with me,
like your a honey stealing honey from the bees,
stingers so sharp but the bear cannot resist,
I can see you all coming from well beyond the trees.

Learn a lesson and pull up a chair,
perhaps nod and rest your head a few days over there,
I only offer because I so care,
Please always ask me, do not steal and learn to share.

Strangers may come and go,
yet friends who travel often friends they still always remain,
trust is never a given,
do not give away this life to easily lest you steal for gain.

Vision exists deep in the inner mind,
not simply a sense of perception from eyes with color in time,
you can examine, study, and in thought even hit rewind,
still all your thefts are forever trapped in time.

The lesson is over,
please tuck in the chair.