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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Party Parting Gift Called Life ~ MobiusTripz ~ Some Poetical Play

One by one, strangers pass through portals of time and become friend, and not too often, or ever permanent, even foe.

This fragile life akin to a glamourous October early Americana ball with all its drama, twists, and small town banter.

That party is long and hard at times, or as sweet as Stevia (total modern writing joke!) !

So many faces I have seen but fewer met, some to become close, some with age I regret to say I forget.

At least until we meet again.

So if early Americana ever had an October Ball at all, will it would be kind of like this party of life.

Eventually the party ends, after the drama, the lessons, the ills, the fun, the progress, the everything, eventually the party ends.

Facebooking it today with some hot java, I see a posting by a friend of one of his pals passing away, and he looks like me kind of, you know middle aged, huge smile, see love in his eyes, and wow, I do not know him at all, yet I know him like I know myself in one respect, and that respect is the imminescience (just too large a word for me to spell correctly, and whats perfectiona nayways?) of an ever imminent (that more like it) coming closer death.

I prefer to laugh death in the face, but not invite it so close as to let it slip inside and steal thy soul away.

Maybe, just maybe that's my Faith.

He (from facebook) has passed and somehow touched off some thought and reflection, and introspection, a deeper to myself reflection, which I hope to share back in even greater projection, what is time but perception, sometimes such what we call a crystal clear view, and at other time so confusing too.

Please enjoy this beautiful gift of life, and share it and pass it along.

The melancholy October morning air with all of its wetness and mustyness, as I sit with a chill and a cold from the throse of hell itself, and ponder deeply as I write of my social security disability hearing only hours from now, and ponder still deeper again, how on earth did I ever find my way here?

Yet here I am, a withering leaf upon a trig from a branch of a once so healthy tree, perhaps just a misunderstood metamorphisis my eyes and mind do not yet truly perceive, is it life that tree?...or is it ...?

perhaps I am an acorn ready to bring forth new life be it as food or by sharing my time genetically trapped in sucha nutty

At least I am at the party, and I can live this party anywhere anytime with anyone and music still fills my mind, such a marvelous party ride.

The party has been swell, and it is funny how in passing sometimes you see that party of the Fall October Ball mansion, and you know you too must one day go.

Question is where?

I am not with you for I am Where?

Where I am with you and exist, is in heart, spirit, mind, and soul, and in all those things unattainable by gold.

The carriage ride at the end of the party should be a little spooky for me, kind of Ichabod Crane like and Sleepy Hollow, but I would like to change that story into a version where I dream of flying in on a white horse and striking down all evil with only good word and deed.

Such a silly dreamer am I, call me Walter Mitty!

Perhaps at the party I'll play the best show, the craziest insane inspired guitar solo, and sing and rock and do some roll, then die that night of an overdose, just happy to have lived such a life.

That does not mean that I do drugs, but it is a rock and roll dream!

More then likely I'll just wait and calmly be the last to go, waiting for time and like a fine wine mellow, and feel the warmth from out in that unknown, where you my friends have always led me so many times before, and was it never for any of you, for only nothing I would know.

When that time doth truly come to pass, do not forget your coat in check and grab your top hat, others are waiting at the next show, so just move on looking and being good when it is time to go.

Hey look, is that my friend outside?

Enjoy your dreams of futures in your imagination, it comes from the greatest of all of creation, if that is not simply understood, still ride your horse hard and work for the good.

Anyone know a slate roofer that works for free?

Always keep your humor in balance with dignity.

Are all words merely constructions painting thoughts and themes, can you think what I think both concisely and confusing at times so easily, is this somehow just a projecting dream, feels so real inside of me.

If I ever had anything I would like to share with everyone, I would like to say this now, I already have!

Otherwise, what a selfish miserable life spent akin to a time in hell.

Parting Gifts at the door on your way out.

Or as many times before, perhaps it is really in.

With no parting satire, nor again will I be so dire, I will one day see you all again, when we each pass through that threshold into an amazing new and green and ripe pure shire.

December 24, 2012 and I will be 45, perhaps, please do not make this my epitaph.

perhaps rather simple like...

Only time will tell.