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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Scrutiny Under Oath ~ rants and raves ~ MobiusTripz....WGAF!

This was written after my Social Security hearing in front of a Judicial Review Judge, in which my attorney, while prepping me on the phone, suggested I lie and told me how to answer, and told me I ."will" appear in court with my which I said, "Not if I am having a great enough day to not have to use it!" , as well as other outright suggested fabrications by my dispicable attorney.

I did not take kindly to that at all.

This "Social Security Disability" system is more broken then I am and is the worst system to have to try to manuever through while sick and disabled and a physical wreck, yet we keep it intact as it is with only rare modifications to make it efficient.

The government has become so broke it will not offer finacially what it promises by the word of the law!

Two disgusting realities intertwined!

The only great thing was I suggested long ago, and well before any were used, LCD interviews through our great networking of the internet so that folks would not have to travel while ill, etc. etc. etc., and mine was done through this new system!

If progress takes fighting these battles I think the progress made may very well be worth it.

So after the liar suggested I is want I wrote out...

(updated 09-20-2013


Scrutiny under oath is quite an experience when so many suggest lying and embellishments!

I am disgusted with my physical condition alone, but that so many suggest lies for me to share turns my mood vulgar and repugnant.

I will stand for something before I fall for anything but I at the same time feel very "failed" in so many ways.

I do not mean to offend anyone, nor stir any further discussion then to say my personal perspective is again, one of disgust, and I will share no further more as I will move on in my life, always still seeking what is just, even at times when I have been aloof in this life, my heart is always with this country and our well being and sharing that across the world, for that is the philosophy of my parents from which I come.

I will today seek positivity as I move forward and learn from the corruption I have observed.

Perhaps I am just another lunatic but I had to call a couple of well educated men, and another an attorney (joke...must always keep humor close so pain stays farther away) a get some opinions about professional ethics and the system as I was taught well and understand.

Look I am 44 and lost two inches in height, does that sound like there is a problem Houston? That is just the beginning of over 26 years of back problems...

Perhaps I will be discarded in this modern society, set aside to live out my days as others are treated with great indifference, as I once was from where I once came.

I testified I was an artist, so at least I think...I found it ironic like who is to say if I am an artist or not?

Justice is where I know and believe and live that answer with a proper life through constructive channels and in a way to contribute as a team player towards the goals that are the most conducive to peace and advancement in concerns to human welfare and blah blah I care...enough to sound off, rant, rave, speak, exercise my right, and vent, because in the end, there may be a message here that unravels as time unravels for the future.

I take action when needed, I help with social and moral initiatives locally and nationally through what I write and somehow get published at all.

I speak out and up loud and clear because I would rather take a stand defined with experience and logistics and a better future then to rest on my own laurels and be pummeled time and time again, like I already have.

I am just a citizen that has a voice, and I hope whatever you hear from this, you take constructive, positive, healthy, non violent action from your own inspiration so that perhaps when we are all dust to the wind, generations to come forward, fruit of our own seed, will know that mistakes may be overcome, lest we all succumb.

So perhaps that is mellow dramatic, and i hope it is and was and will remain that way, but to God Almighty, I am thankful for the voice I have and the right to properly express it, lest Babel leads the way again.

My day ultimately was a great day because there is no reason to be compelled to ever tell a lie, much yet live one too, no matter how great any pressure or scrutiny the best choice is education and openmindedness and a sense of survival you must maintain during the uphill battle that is always moral combat, not to be confused with mortal combat, so easily dispensable, just by a change in the way one thinks.

Preach away, or perhaps I made no sense at all...just trying to share my frustration and confusion...not to spread it but examine it and see where you yourself are right now?

Tell me where I am f'ing up, tell me where I am doing o.k, help lift me so I may lift others as those who have lifted you and we can all prosper.

Intelligence is still to me the ability to adapt to ones environment and survive, and at times I feel like my ability is waning and my digital mother board is over loaded...

Where are the men of substance, intelligence, moral and ethical mores, intuitive foresight, leadership ability with a proven record and  moral intestinal fortitude?

I am thankful for all I have what ever it may be, and all my friends I have known, for to me that is the greatest over, an nothing else has ever once mattered.

Good Night...dream peaceful scenes from your souls desired destinies.

Thanks facebook psychoanalysts!