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Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I think it's easy sitting over here,
in my angry chair,
because you all placed me in this angry chair,
and I sit over here,
in my angry chair,
in my angry chair,
in my angry chair,
you made me sit over here,
in this angry chair.

I don't like to contemplate what came of this,
I have lived my own life of my own shit,
don't need no angry chair,
don't take no angry chair,
maybe you have me sitting in it over there,
but i speak of and get education and dont accept your angry chair.

Where I see from I don't have no vision of no angry chair,
I see flowers and I see fields,
and I see mountain tops and hills,
mountain tops and hill,
bears and wild turkeys everywhere,
in this country we don't know nothing about no angry chair.

I'm thinking about,
the only angry chair I know,
It's in the senate and the congress and the presideintial show,
lots of many monies spent,
not much to show,
I think the governmenet is the angry chair.

Buy you can't hurt our countryside,
no matter how you try,
it's where we live and we fight,
for to protect and die,
so keep your angry chair.

...but you've got to question,
where does that angry chair lead for our future,
all of these upcoming generations,
I think that your kids, and those kids kids, and maybe you're great grandchildren too,
so you know what man,
do your politics on down that way,
in your angry chair.