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Tuesday, September 4, 2012



Lady Falling Down that I along with Chico revived, thanks lord!

first at green street park view liquors, knocked out cold, no one but me and chico took any action and this woman bounced her head off the concrete with a thud and then into a soda machine just as hard, as she was a big woamn and she was moving fast, and fell so hard i knew she was out immediatelly.

I have sinal injuries that are severe, so I am quite conscientious of medical care and treatment and basic diagnosis as I often visit doctors and have friends inthe field of practice I often talk with.

I held my lit screen Android to her nose while taking her pulse, no pulse detected by finger method, nor any steam on phone screen to state air flow

too many were around us dumbfounded and i urged them to please stay back and let me think clear and not interfer until we have some basic triage info...but they all dumbfounded as they were backed up, but you could see had nothing to with the broken back and my equally very ill friend snapped to action and we both knew it and thought it together

i am thankful that he is my friends and know what we have to offer when we are together and another should need assistance

i asked chico to plese get me my flashlight hanging on the turn signal stick of the column and some water from the trunk, and he knew where they were because it is a case of water we drink from when needed while fishing if we are fortunate enough to go, as we each suffer very poor health, but try to keep a balance and restore all the while.

chico is fast and within seconds i had to open her eye by hand and see if there was any reaction to light, all the while not ever moving her head at all, or body, as it appeared her airway was not obstructed, and i wanted to insure no further possibility of injury ahad she suffered and spinal trauma, it was very apparent there was no blood, but she had at least one major knot on her head in the instant she hit.

her dilated eye did not respond a all, not one single bit, and it was even getting darker outside yet her eye was so open it almost appeared that there was no coloring, just an empty blackness and i thn prayed to the lord to plese help us to help her come back

i asked chick if what i try next does not work, will you do cpr with me, we have good rhythm (we love music) and i said we can find that rhythm until help with me man, how do we do it, we each too a part and explained in seconds what we would do next if my nearly last choice was

i had no smelling salts, nor anything else that may awaken the sense, however, water in the face (not up the nose mind you or down the airway) can often very effectively shock the CNS right back akin to a deep electrical shock, thus turning all circuits back on.

She popped up so hard she nearly hit me in the head, but i was prepared for this and was quick to catch her, clear myself, and calm her down in a very quiet calm voice syaing what happened and that she was ok now

i then urged calmly, after she gathered herself mentally for a few minutes, that she please let me call her an ambulance, which she refused, and time and time i tried to convince her.

she could see ho many fingers i help up several times with no problem, her eyes responded perfectly to the flashlight or my directions so i sw the thoughts of those moments were clear

all her senses seemed clear, and perhaps i should have called an ambulance, but i told her and some friends nearby if she has any strange symptoms, like passing out, bleeding, temperture, slurred speach, etc. get her to the emergency room right away

just a couple of days later, chico and i are cruising up baltimore avenue when this girl is j walking in the street and trips about 150 yards ahead of us and slams here head into the sidewalk, but quickly and dizilly at least sat right up as we were soon passing, and chico and i looked at one another as if we were having de ja vous, and then we remembered the trauma of the otther night

in the moment (in my minds eye) i became a life saving doctor in my mind and quickly assessed everything including what we had on hand for treatment, and acted

can i call an ambulance for anyone injured like this because to see this woman i do now know in two separate places in my life just days apart and she is falling leads me to believe more then anything she has a massive head injury, however my retired fireman buddy jt suggested perhaps a drug or alcohol problem, and I said or worse yet perhaps both!

so this is my rough draft for reading as the memories are coming back from a place that was so intense and fast paced I have blocked it out to keep a more even keel

but to look death in the eye and stare it down and bring life back was a gift that day

thanks lord

if i remember more details or chico want to add anything i will perhaps change a few items but certainly not the overall story already presented herein

next story when i write will be about the stuck fire engine and the way the road got cleared woodbridge, virginia

then we saw her fall again on balt ave

blessed best fishing buddies and pals