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Friday, October 26, 2012

Funky Country (Remix) ~ Lyrics ~ MobiusTripz

I think something,
is sounding funny,
I hear a lot of funky,
when I hear country. (music) (written in 2010)

Maybe it's because everybody is smokin',
     ...and you, and you, and you,
and getting funky,
in the country.

We don't do things the same round' here,
as most as you do at home,
yeah we have family recipes for our mash,
and we smoke some sweet homegrown.

It's country,
we like to do it country,
because we're country,
because its what this country,
is all about,
being country,
and having freedom,
from persecution.

yeah man,
there's lots of country in this country right now,
and we would take it back,
but you all never had it and never will !

We do not relinquish our grip,
on anything to easily, (pry it from my cold dead hands)
out in the country,
because we are country,
out in the country, style,
having fun and getting funky,
out in the country,
out in the country.