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Friday, October 26, 2012

MobiusTripz ~ Coming Home Again ! ~ Lyrics

This is purposefully hectic and manic and stressed musically in the beginning and then offers a clearer perspective (one of millions) gradually towards peace and clarity in the end of the the music and literally...simply artistic license, not what I believe 100% perhaps, but certainly a perspective many share and others should examine and understand from another's point of view.

The music (the song stated to be three minutes long) is actually close and then there is some personal preaching, because i felt those words with passion and just had to keep them there to make the song have it's proper context.

These lyrics are difficult to type the words too because I layered tracks and wrote as I sang in the original studio recording you hear...

Please, comment if you find errors so I can edit them please...thanks...enjoy the music and do not get carried away with a statement that you do or do not agree with please...this is art, a catalyst for change, but never to be utilized as a catalyst for hate.

MobiusTripz ~ Coming Home Again ! ~ Lyrics


did you ever have so many things on your mind your feeling crazy

your feeling crazy

     crazy...crazy crazy

    out of cigarettes, my chest hurts, gasoline cost so much

    crazy crazy cray

if you had three minutes right now
to change everything in life man
and make everything right
    jut think about it
what would you do?
     fuck all these people!

can you feel it
     can you feel it man\
don't you know
    you got too know

    peace is coming

this song is only three minutes long ( a lie)

it might sound crazy

but it might give you an answer

there's lots of messages

don't listen to the messenger man
just listen to the message
    sounds all around
everything in life is encoded
you have to listen with your eyes
pay attention

     you gotz to help your brother
     you gotz to help one another
     whoaaa whoaaa whoaaa

where you born in Iraq
you are an american citizen
    whoaaa whoaaa whoaaa
         third verse
i am not so proud today
whoaaa whoaaa whoaaa
         third verse
why do we treat people this way
whoaaa whoaaa whoaaa
         third verse
i am tired of hurting everybody
whoaaa whoaaa whoaaa
         third verse
in the world
         third verse
whoaaa whoaaa whoaaa, etc. etc etc, (same repetitive pattern singing)

     I don't want to be an American!

personal note:

concerning this lyrical line above...  "I don't want to be an American!"

     I love this country, but many have run in fear and/or loathing towards our land of Freedom, so do not offer me up a serving of your bullshit opinion, akin to the old days of greatness concerning, i.e., two of my many favorite artists... Neill Young / Lynard Skynard  and their respective songs, Mr. Saturday Night Special / Sweet Home Alabama !

      I am always a patriot first, as that is my heritage of which I am not full of false pride with, but full of passionate and proper pride of from my principled family!

...back to lyrics...

   (several places have a third verse overlapping and I will fill them in, or you can comment please as you read and listen at the same time...thanks)

I am tired of being raped

    i am tired of being raped

     whoaaa whoaaa whoaaa

to stop doing things the way

     whoaaa whoaaa whoaaa

we have before

     whoaaa whoaaa whoaaa

     whoaaa whoaaa whoaaa

hurting everybody in the world

whoaaa whoaaa whoaaa

i dont want to be an american (these are vocals, not my beliefs!)

whoaaa whoaaa whoaaa

to do things the way we have before...

will add more soon...lot of  lyrics / words


three mins can change the world
three minutes man

just listen up
     listen up

are we all manic?

3 mins
    just be and watch the art
3 mins
     what can you do to change the world in three minutes
3 mins
    i am at a loss for words
3 mins man
what can you do to change the world in three minutes

you got to get out of yourself
there is no answer there
just looking for clarity

   where do you find the clarity

look for gods answers
pray for gods answers
     i got to find clarity


kids are starving in Africa right now man
    pizza would be good right now
how was your pizza

fast food is good (not)
but the ticket has got to be paid
tor the kids that are starving

let's feed everybody in this world
love one another and
and be good to each other

there is a way

clarity peace silence

sleep at night with your head on the pillow
thinking about your brother your fellow
how you can help them out man
just pray for them

there is but one god
and he is the answer

its simple

swallow your pride
ain't nothing to hide

love one another
love your brother
love your sister
just love one another

its not time to imagine
it's time to stop tragedy

forward we can move
and this song should make you groove
in your soul
where you feel it all
and you know
you can help us all

because we are each individually are important
we have something to give to this life
we are each individually are anointed

and so many things we should share
to make things right

stop hating
start loving

people are starving

New Orleans (Louisianna, hurricane), Haiti (earthquake), Afghanistan, Iraq, (both wars)
when you think about it man
its so damn sad

place links

this ain't abut believing in one God
this is about hatred and greed and sin on earth man
because this is his (Lucifer) domain
we got to make it through together
loving one another
as brothers
because lucifer ain't the answer
and satan ain't the way man

god is the only one that paves roads to happiness
and sunshine
and light

and if you listened this far
then know it because you have faith
and you will do something about it
and dedicate your life
to understanding there is more
then just yourself

my health may not be good
but the lessons it has taught me are valuable
and that i love my friends
and i miss my fiends
and i love my family
 and i miss my family

you ever think about that

maybe you work too hard and your with somebody
at work
but you aint with your family

maybe you can't pay your mortgage

maybe you got high blood pressure
because you put too much pressure on yourself
trying to live the american dream
that's just a figment of your imagination
its time to share a new dream
because that is what they sell in our country
and its time to share a new dream
a world dream
because God wants us to have it

he gave us his one and only begotten son
he gave us Mohammed
he gave many prophets before
and he is giving prophets after man

don't be blind
don't turn your head a blind eye
to the facts of life

when so much around us tells us so much is wrong
why cant you reach in deep in your heart man
and help those that need the love and encouragement
into a new day and a new age

to carry us forward into the green era

the green era
is the era we need to be in
when we are ready to meet god
and we are no where near that

but god is coming
and peace is coming

hallelujah and amen

peace is coming

think about it