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Sunday, October 21, 2012


I say listen to me baby,
just know I ain't as mad as I use to be,
I've suffered a lot of pain and misery,
and your probably better with me ain't round no more.

I never meant to show you the door,
no, I never meant to show you no door,
but life you got to roll away with sometimes,
and learn them lessons fine.

I hope you will forgive me, mmm, oh baby,
I think it is just free will,
when I am having such a blessed life yeah,
and I want to thank you for those valleys and them hills,
we use to hike together.

You was always my Cancer to my being a Capricorn,
totally stellar celestial opposites,
usually do not do no harm to one another,
but sometimes some things got messed up,
in some pretty crazy ways.

Intellectually and sexually, you will all be the lady for me,
and I want to leave those as my parting words,
and wish you well, my lady my love,
I want to say goodbye one last time.