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Sunday, October 21, 2012


I hear voices of ancestors from echoing ancient pasts,
archaeology displays the message quite fast,
insanity to the Nth degree,
when the cities fall the people flee.

Buried Pyramids under Egyptian sands,
evidence that now looks like foreign lands,
reflections of a mirror into our past times,
It is all now in our hands.

Failure comes with steadfast wings,
and will rock you like a hurricane,
rip away all you have and ever been,
not angel wings, but with wings of fire from sin.

yo man fuck the crossroads!!!

and slowly there is rot from moral decay,
I smelled it on some of you just the other day,
it's really just rationally irrational,
some may think or say.

Messages come in all forms man,
Ojala que toma mucho cerveas por favor!
sometime we let the messenger stumble out the door,
and that just simply rationally irrational.