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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

If I Was ... ~ MobiusTripz ~ Literal Artistic License Escapades

If I was like a simile, I would next be the proverbial metaphor in the flesh, living the paradoxical lessons of life rather then existing as mere words on a page, only to be taken literally, oh at last. 

How does one first read, and then secondarily extract and make an opinion upon a statement with no hint of diction, other then that of word choice and punctuation so offered by the author? 

Steve is a metaphor and a metaphor is Steve.

If I were haiku,
words would carry weight galore,
not just babel lies.

If I was irony, I would adorn the cover of People Magazine as the best Looking Man of the Year!

If I was comedically sarcastic and could spell well...well,read above.

If,...the word belonging to the dreamer who makes thought into reality.

I am a dreamer that dreamed all the way to this point in time of reality.

How ironic!

Beats being a palindrome like a kayak fighting against the current constantly.

juss playin and juss sayin sum werds

What does a palindrome family do, so you ask???

MOM & DAD KAYAK & RACECAR . A Toyota. Race fast, safe car. Tot deified Dad. Madam Hannah solos A tin mug for a jar of gum, Nita.

No double entendre above...okie