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Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Petty Simple Man ~ Lyrics ~ MobiusTripz

sometimes i dont make much sense
while i observe so much all around me ignorance
people that cant pay 50 dollars rent
these are our problems today certainly not heaven sent

foodstamps i have years now gone past
i appreciate you mayor trying a month now past slipped
but with all due respect i too choose the silver platter
while hear i remain
but when so offered the chance to take from the chalice a sip

a petty man by choice am i
and perhaps to be looked down upon and spit in the eye
i have lived a very fine life
and i pray for the good and offer it to life with less strife

what is real or plastic
cliche facade fanfukkingtastic
i want real change thats drastic
fukk with biblical principles get blasted

humble i have never been
too say so is he too a liar
i am real and never pretend
well now tempered stronger by lifes fire

a white horse is my ride and a shield that gleams i have
i give all i have to offer often or get rather silly and sad
but i am a simple and petty man that truly loves forevermore
and i like to write and share the lessons and sing