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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

ART ~ MobiusTripz ~ VIRIDIS EMENIO, new album art work ~ Green Era Vision for the Future in Art

Here is some new Art work for the latest musical project I am working on called, MobiusTripz ~ VIRIDIS EMENIO, meaning venturing forward into the Green. I think often of history, where we have been and where we are today and where we are all going as a civilization. I see the changes that must be made and have for quite a very long while, however, I see a stubborness that will make us, like all civilizations before us, as history bares, fail too if we do not change much more quickly.

I was honored to be published at The United States Department of Energy. The article was succinct and articulate with the main emphasis being a synopsis about the work done to winterize my home.

What unfolded as I watched and studied the work being done was quite astonishing to me and inspired me to think deeply about a lot of things that I have studied for a very long time as well as paid very close attention too, and that was the warming trends we absolutely see clear signs of daily, as well as increasingly.

Well it being January of 2013, I do not need to make my case any longer, we all see what is happening!

I hope you will find some inspiration in the art work.

It is mostly nearly science fiction future space travel and astrological artistic expression based on pictures that have been digitally portrayed from photographs of pictures made by playing my music through a particular digital media player, in a nut shell, although the process is much more lengthy then that. That is the basics behind them.

These are important to me for many reasons.

First, I was inspired by Carl Mikeman, and Artist and Physicist, working at N.A.S.A, as well as other companies and on other projects.

He pioneered an art form from photography to silkscreen and I was able to watch that before my eyes. I will post a few examples below for you to enjoy. I am embarrassed that they are aged and not photographed quite so well but feel compelled to share what I watched produced that gave me vision.

Artistic vision is a beautiful thing and it is artistic vision that leads towards better vision and clarity in science, which in turns lends back to the previous, and a cycle is started for those so inclined.

Carl works with many fascinating things, but it was vision work in particular he described to me as a child along with his art that made me see the expressions of perspective, one that we can all share, and another that is solely the artists and often carrying a loud and resounding message, bot not always the case either, as perhaps there is a smaller more penetrating point to make that appears more subtle at first.

Ultimately, to make my point, he offered to me, the son of an Artist Mother and Engineer and Mathematician Father, a glimpse into my own personal desires a an artist that I have thought about for such a very long time, and I am at this point today.

I enjoy photography immensely, as I do art. The love may wane from time to time as life offers up so many challenges but it has always remained and most importantly it has always grown, and that love growing has offered insights that are unimaginable at younger ages, and that to me is the epitome of what should have been taught to any artist, and is what Carl and my Mother have granted me individually.

If my art is worthy or not does not particularly matter or not to me, as I am so happy to be able to express thoughts and music through digital devices and portals today that I had only once dreamt of.

Technology has made a lot possible and it has helped to make a lot more affordable as well.

Today we live in a day and age where money should be respected and spent wisely but not rule our hearts or any part of our life, including government.

Vision by great people shared with me has offered me many hopes at my own dreams coming to fruition, and   I believe art in education is an imperative to bolster and emphasize today more then ever, as we are on this cusp where we must thrive and move forward through very progressive change as we have never known before, or parish.

If that sounds alarming, it was meant to, and for the life of myself, I cannot envision why so many seemingly rational people of this earth would be so selfish to tolerate the wheels of change not shifting very quickly into high gear as we recreate the way in which we do everything.


Sounds like a tall order perhaps, however, that is again the critical mass we are more swiftly the ever approaching.

What story will make the headlines next trumpeting loudly about something happening more quickly or stronger then ever before?

It is a fact that we as a civilization will have to leave the coasts soon, as they are already deteriorating.

Water is a huge issue, both fresh water, and sea water that is worthy of supporting life.

We have changed so much with synthetics that we may never be able to overcome what has already happened.

It certainly does not need to continue.

There is no rational reason we cannot farm hemp today to replace many of the unsightly synthetics, put a huge amount of folks to work, rejoin the farmers of the world in this marketplace again, and grow once more the great crop that helped establish us as a nation in the first place.

Wal Mart, which I despise, ha taken a huge step in financial planning an unveiled a new plan to hire veterans and help our historically low employment figures.  Much kudos, it is about time.

Why has the Federal Government also not taken a step and started something akin to, " The New Deal", where the country that is suppose to nourish us invests into us so we can grow her even stronger and more desirable?

Why is often a question that wastes breath.

I am happy to see progress made in the shifts in energy policy, however, it is also coming to slow and in too few numbers.

Geo thermal is another greatly under utilized science that needs to quickly become meshed into the mainstream construction protocol.

Vision will take us where we are going, and if we start planning better with our sights set towards a better future, well, we can certainly inhabit Mars and hopefully have no real reason to have to desert the Earth to ever start with.