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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Spam Portal Marketing ~ MobiusTripz ~ ReverbNation ~ Marketing ~ Boycott

Watch what doors you open always!

Hey man, they asked the question. ~ The Dude rokks

Read below to see how I was honestly approached by a company through my artist website...this is some of the worst modern SPAM marketing I have seen yet.

talk about no respect!

check it is the web page capture below from today

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Q: Hi, We offer CD/DVD Manufacturing & Print Service. I would like to know if you would be interested in our services? Phone: 888-608-3310
A: I appreciate the question, and as an artists, I hope you realize this is not a portal for SPAM. If you approached me with respect, I may have done some business with you in the future, but this marketing you display is disrespectful at best. As I was kind enough to reply to your question, i now would like to offer one. Will you please honor my request, and also kindly for the record, reply. for the record, it's kind of funny, but I am rather serious. Sincerely, John S. Swygert, Independent recording artist with balls. Non~Disclaimer:I am neither an attorney nor a spokesperson, but rather the actual artist, and a former marketing manager!
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