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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My comment to Jim Moran on facebook on 02-27-2013

I will be on the Ed Shultz Show tonight around 8:30pm to discuss the path forward in Congress to prevent gun violence. We must act to improve our laws to reduce the level of gun violence in our country. Tune into MSNBC!
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  • Doug Cohen Great to hear!!!! A government employee here...what are you doing about the more day to go! I need to know if need I need to get a second job or how much I must cut my budget!!!!
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  • Lavern Chatman-Brown I will be sure to tune in to hear THE BEST CONGRESSMAN IN THE WORLD, thank you Jim for all you continue to do for all of your constituents.
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  • Kathy Carroll Thank you'
  • Kathy Henry I'm glad you're tackling this issue, Jim, but I wish all of our leaders would work on the sequester issue 24/7.
  • Eric Nothdurft How about instead of working to take away the rights and freedoms of law abiding gun owners you get Congress to actually work on a budget, jobs, maybe even some debt reduction!!
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  • Val Coffman Klotz Just today an Alexandria police officer was shot... Gun violence is out of control in this country.
  • Val Coffman Klotz The gun violence needs to be a priority - innocent lives taken daily...
  • Jack Cook I am with Eric... But to be honest I have lost faith in all elected 
  • Brion Gilbride Guns are an inanimate object. The people using them are the issue. Mental illness is the issue. Speaking of mental illness, why is Rep. Moran appearing on Shultz's show? Or will Mr. Shultz be in a straitjacket this evening?
  • Shirley Ann Adams Your my Congressman and I'm pleased with your views.
  • Steve Swygert Scum like this guy and his associates all need to be held accountable, and 20 years is never long enough for this type of garbage. I own guns and this is "THE DIRECT" reason why. I have a degree in Applied Science with a Major in Police Science and recently purchased two weapons because of a situation that was again, directly related to this. The best direct deterrent is long harsh penalties. This guy and his amigo should each get life in prison and be made examples of, and most especially because he was an officer of the law, needless to say the chief. I wish you well my friend with your appearance tonight and I hope you push for harsher laws, better background checks, and demand more stringent safety courses, however I do not think there is much that can truly be done in a realistic point of view because we all know that the criminals will not follow those laws, so stick it to them hard and heavy when they break those laws concerning guns. Thanks Jim for your dedication and hard work. Hoping to meet again one day soon and discuss what I have learned over the years living as a lower income citizen in a lower socio-economic environment. I love where I am, and always still hold both Alexandria and Washington D.C. so very close to my heart. This is a tough topic for all parties, please let it not distract us from the progress we must make swiftly with our economy and unemployment. We all agree tragedy has to stop, but these tragedies are manifestations of the larger failings of our citizens and government where we have let the classical institutions break down to such a dis-heartening level. I will happily fill you in on all the details and share my personal evidence with you if you would so have me do this and I have a lot to share that I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to do so on Capitol Hill. Again thanks for your dedication to these pressing issues. I hope changes are swift, calculated, and make a massive difference, but there is NEVER a short cut for education and awareness, as you well know friend. I would appreciate hearing back from you if you have time and the only reason I state that is because you are one of the few men I see that serves with passion and common sense.