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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Suboxone, Ritalin, Heroin, Insane Again ~ Lyrics ~ MobiusTripz

insane again

silly friends
life pretend
life once lent
death being sent


you all get bent
life in balance
on that fence
get the hint

hurtin family hurtin us all
this is no game to win
the sick and nasty life of drugs
who is your next of kin?

The docs they know
i made that call for sure
they do nothing on your behalf
money instead of freedom so pure

shooting galleries
shooting yourself in the foot
shooting like a star
i blame them  too for lives so took


you all get bent
life in balance
on that fence
get the hint

docs and pharmacopia
pushing social dystopia
C3I investigating and people still getting high
while far too many have died, and more will die

they say death by heart attack
do you niggaz have the doctors back???
and the pharmacy is just the same
playing silly foolish drug games

helping others aint ever easy
life is tough dark black and sleazy
and funerals and loss pile up high
while my friends excuse themselves and kiss the sky

my personal war my life and my education
let these words ring across this nation
tired of fukkin death and frustration
i push the envelope for pharmacopia castration


you all get bent
life in balance
on that fence
get the hint

committed to change ~ doctor Lotan
too many subscribe to your death plan
pad your pockets shooting friends like rockets
i say your name too all and make a stand

if you really gave a damn
youd promote exercise and diet with loving hands
while you practice in my home of cumberland, maryland
android watching and recording  i will have you ban

soon i will name your victims
with faces and real descriptions
fukk your alls killing with prescriptions
you make terror and do not help with addictions

i called you and made it abundantly clear
you kept offering the drugs for friends to share
even up'ed the dosages all documents at hand so near
soon the world will read and then hear


you all get bent
life in balance
on that fence
get the hint

now there will be scrutiny
i pray for your final destiny
sad sick way you torture and make more zombies
i miss William Cook, my dear buddy Billy

Did you ever once ask your patient to roll up his fucking sleeves ??? Do you have a protocol to help patients or protect yourselves and pay the bills only?

I have documented and recorded calls to this place and others about the atrocities in modern pharmacopia that happens here on a daily basis and is a HUGE MONEYMAKER.

Soon I will release those files, the names involved, the dates and the timeline I have constructed, and the evidence will be fully self supporting of reality with no "twists".

I have been vigilant about calling certain authorities, because I refuse to stand by and watch people die, if I can make a difference.

If I say something, rest assured I can back it all up.

Also rest assured the scrutiny has begun, actually quite a while ago.

Perhaps some folks make poor choices, but certain professionals being blind and choosing to remain blind to the facts I so assuredly told to them and them in turn not reacting kills quicker!

Ignorance is not bliss!

Ignorance is purely just ignorance!!!

Call me, write me, ask me if you give a damn and I will inform you of the truths you seem to want to ignore or worse yet, help proliferate by not taking more decisive proactive action.

You have my phone number...I left it with you when I spoke to you, and so does anyone else who needs it.

These drugs above are not being taken as prescribed, but I will not go into detail about how they are being used...I will tell you this is an EPIDEMIC here in Cumberland, Maryland and it CAN BE STOPPED immediately!!!

Since my friends passing, there have been others from the same circle of friends to die, and others before in that same circle, and I know the trail well.

When you seek evidence know what to test for and look at the medical records of these folks recently with a fine tooth comb, and connect the dots.

It is not heroin alone killing these people in our town, and surrounding areas!.

I only hope, and pray, and work hard to help this madness stop!!!

I am the consummate observer and therefore, reporter of truth.


If you suffer and really want help, I will provide professional information to places that help through real professional hands on providers with a track record of success.

I will not be personal in nature, however i will work hard to get anyone pointed in the right direction to a more wholesome life.

In patient rehabilitation for a minimum of thirty days with total abstinence is the minimum professional standard when trying to actually and really and whole~heartedly kick poor habits that destroy you and your friends, and your families, and this is NEVER a problem that will go away on its own.

We are all statistics on a certain level, so please today make a great choice in your own life and be a statistic of change and overcoming your dependency!

Please do not continue to be a statistic to failure through death's door.

Be proactive in your own life, please, because some folks really do care, and children desperately need their Mother's and father's TODAY!!! and not in a grave!!!

A sick cycle is one that damages families and friends and is so too often easily repeated for generations as the "life style" becomes immeshed so deeply in daily life, and the children watching are so smart and keen and understand everything you do and say, it is merely that they cannot articulate their hurt and pain on a level yet as an adult, however the hurt that you the addict causes is is YOUR CALLING to change yourself with these very words as you read.

Start by being honest with your doctor...the stress of the "game" being over will bring a quick and swift freedom from your sickly chase.

Imagine waking to coffee, the news paper and birds singing and not the chase of your evils that haunt you.

It is hard work for certain, but it is only hard work that offers any rewards.

Have you ever seen a very young child at a parent's funeral? One that has od'ed? Have you ever seen the years of pain and anguish first hand by the damage done, and then irreversible after death?

Please seek help, and if you knew Billy, you know who you are and I hope these words touch your soul and you find a moment of clarity NOW, please I beg you, because he was so close to changing, but just waited perhaps one more time to long.

If you are strong enough to abuse yourself?

Obviously, and then again therefore, you are certainly strong enough to overcome the death grip of these drugs...NOW! are easily strong enough to get help, and fear is an issue that is only made up in your mind.

The reality you are living is far far far worse then you ill conceived fears that keep you grounded and digging your hole into your grave deeper into your addiction.

Real dedicated professionals will help you when you are honest with them, and if they push pills and jack your meds up over in over in dosage, i would say it is safe to say they are looking at the bottom line on a balance sheet and not at all concerned about the white sheet that will one day cover us each, no matter our own personal demons and crusades.

Obviously, and then again therefore, you are certainly strong enough to overcome the death grip of these drugs...NOW!

The legal ramifications are many because law enforcement has their hands tied by the law and the people they respectively promote and serve.

The doctors are not always unknowingly doing this (exacerbating the problem), however the drug tests today often administered by the parole officers, probation officers, and medical care doctors, are not able to detect what they do not look for...still...nor can they detect the plethora of garbage so many addicts use to beat the tests of what they know they will be tested for.

We also have a legal correctional system where if someone is on parole or probation, they fear incarceration if the are honest and seek help through their direct correctional authority.

I studied Police science, and we need a corrections that addresses this issue so that folks may seek help without being penalized, be it that they have done no harm to anyone else in the process, because that is always a "game changer", for the lack of a better word.

Look at Legal Weed and bath Salts, for example.

Prevention starts with highly limiting and tracking the drugs that are known to be prescribed and then abused.

Did you know that bottles can be electronically tracked and monitored as well as their contained quantity?

(taken from entire article at link)

"A sophisticated indirect adherence measure is the Medication Event Monitoring System (MEMS). MEMS medication bottles contain a microelectronic chip that registers the date and time of every bottle opening. Assuming that bottle openings represent medication intake, MEMS provides a detailed profile of the patient’s adherence behaviour. MEMS is currently regarded as the gold standard to measure adherence.8 It has been used as such in a wide range of studies on adherence to antihypertensive and lipid-lowering therapy,9,10 therapy for neurologic and psychiatric disorders,11,12 post-transplantation immunosuppressive therapy13,14and antiretroviral therapy.1517 Few studies report on the use of MEMS to monitor adherence to tuberculosis treatment.1821 Because of the high cost involved, MEMS is not feasible for use in routine practice in most settings with a high tuberculosis burden but could be used as a reference standard to validate simple and affordable measures that can be used in patients on community-based DOT.8,21"

I would push hard for legislation that requires any known drug offender to have to pay a fee to have a bottle like this that is also tethered wirelessly to a program that immediately updates at the doctors office and can also sound an alarm, not at all unlike electronic house arrest in theory.

I would also push hard for legislation that would make this mandatory with any controlled substance, as the up front costs would most definitely save billions in future costs because it would remove a lot of these medications from the black market, prevent further abuse, help the families that often end up depending "upon the system" from our collective tax monies and finally prevent a new generation of abusing pharmacopia.

The drug war is always a war in progress, however there are certain steps that can be taken TODAY with the use of modern inexpensive technology that can absolutely transcend the marketplace, and therefore industry, into one of a much finer reputation of helping and not hurting so much.

If the drug manufactures and doctors and insurance companies examine a system such as I have proposed, they would also see the savings on the bottom line across the board for each of their respective institutions, as well as realize that a new marketplace would be created that produces these Digital Electronic Pill Dispenser Systems.

Solutions are everywhere, and we can all together prevent death when we use the system to promote change that is positive, and all the while create new marketplaces that can address these needs, and therefore create jobs that promote families and helps children to never see this nasty disease which spreads as quickly as you professionals indiscriminately distribute the poisons.

Reckless actions demand swift controls in all situations, be they mechanical, legal, social, ad infinitum.

Not acting today and not using your voice is cowardly at best, and is worthy of causing shame and disgrace, be you  doctor, a citizen, a politician, a social worker, and again, ad infinitum,

So the next step is to send this blog in its entirety to the senators, congressmen and congresswomen, mayors, local and state politicians, or to whom ever needs to wake up and see the real issues and the easy solutions.

When we have dispensers like this in less then a year, then the police also have a better tool in which to enforce laws, protect citizens, and help those that are ill.

Releasing criminals into a drug free rehabilitation center would certainly make for a better chance at their successes in the future, as well as offer the education so needed to overcome their respective demons.

No one can argue today that what we currently do professionally is failing on a wholesale level!