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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Living Life and Getting Carried Away

Life is a roller coaster and today I ate lunch with my folks, took a nap, rolled back home to Cumberland in my car 150 miles, looked at the mail after putting belongs at bay, and hit the foot path through the streets with my lady and hoofed it in the cold mountain air to my friends and carried the night and the next morning away so that just now do I finally arrive back home this very time of posting right now...and it has been so very long indeed to have felt as well and healthy as this again not with forgetting ever wrecked body, but much deeper in great depth and strength of mind, above such physical pains, hopefully soaring gracefully onward we each forevermore. 

Please keep and live for the honest truth that is personal and so cherished to you each and respect for us all one in the same and each I pray we are so blessed caring for one another indeed, inneed, and forevermore once again onward and upward for eternity.