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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Steve Swygert and Mayor Brian Grim of Cumberland, Maryland 21502 ~ LIVE POLITICS AND MUTUAL RESPECT FOR PROGRESS

My hats of to Brian Grim as I confronted our respected mayor with a plethora of issues alongside a few others.

This all took place on facebook tonight...real time!

I respect our mayor and I know he is ready to take the next step because he is transparent, honest and passionate, and I do not have to agree with a man like that all the time to stand behind him while he leads in his prime time.

Crime is being dealt with steadfast swiftness, and in the county as well.

The messages of the citizens through our quagmired political system still works, and write often very efficiently when we all work together to make the machine operate all the more smoothly.

My job is to analyze, report, study, interview, live, share, minister, and ultimately lift those around me as they do myself with respect to the laws of this land.

That is what we live to define today, those very laws of this land.

Open dialouge and transparency have been a wonderful legacy Brian has spread far and wide and I am thankful he has had such great vision for us all.

It is still unfortunately a time to stay tough and get tougher as well all work through this not very comfortable short term future, and that is a fact!

We all know that!

The messaging, with all due respect is real time, but yet still out of it can be a little hard to decipher...and that says a lot about technology and communication...but it is getting better everyday when we can share a moment like this with all of you, and i hope Brian agrees.

You are progressive and open minded and with that I have hope Brian...thanks, Steve