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Saturday, March 30, 2013


Synthetic taste alike foods SUCK!!! ... and so do other man made food stuffs!!!

Fight auto-immune diseases and demand RIGHT HERE ON FACEBOOK and elsewhere for all grocers to change immediately what the legislators seem to be so inept too change because of the influence of lobbying, greed. and connections.


I have done my best to eliminate ASPARTAME and MONSANTO from my diet for well over 15 years and studied it and have done what I can in that time to spread that word well amoungst professionals and laypersons

I personally do not need legislation to exercise my own,

RIGHT TO BETTER PERSONAL CHOICES IN NUTRITION through education and purchasing power.

...and I certainly do not trust so many agencies and branches that have failed us on a wholesale level !

The best vote and maybe even more powerful vote today to cast beyond the one at the ballot box is the way you spend your hard earned cash, and that will, can, and always ultimately brings about change through ethical free enterprise and capitalism, where only those that make an honest profit will survive from here forth.

300,000,000 citizens strong are finally learning how to use their voice as they become aware through education, and that is just here at home in the U.S.A.

There is still perhaps the many possible criminal facets of this "debacle for decades" to be considered that has been committed by far too many in yet another seemingly dubious conspiracy by politicians and corporate bigwigs.

If you choose to remain ignorant and never wake up ... akin to a sleeping giant...then the already wide awake giant, such as well you now have already heard or read about, who manufactures and markets most of this garbage... has trounced you already again and again, and again.

Money's influence in this fashion never belongs in the food chain!!!


The proliferation of auto-immune diseases, especially since the introduction of aspartame, is truly irrefutable, and there may be many culprits, but the main theme is always profit motivated by engineered synthetic edibles, and that reads not always digestible.

There is never any real answer beyond due diligence and how you decide to spend your hard earned this case that is for your immediate health and well being or perhaps a lifetime of discomfort, doctor visits, and surmounting medical issues and bills.

When we shop for anything we cast our vote, and WE THE PEOPLE are still the most powerful lobbying group that ever existed!