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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Google Weather ~ Army Corps of Engineers ~ Cumberland, Maryland ~ by: John Stephen Swygert

"Google Weather" (?) 

by: John Stephen Swygert

As I personally envision the future and the changing weather patterns, Smart Technology, and The Green Era philosophy, I simply hope Google will consider my idea as outlined very loosely below.

I also hope you, the reader, will enjoy the other articles and facts I have included, and would appreciate any feedback or addition you may think would be of benefit to this article.

Enclosed herein is my idea, as well as some valuable information and links concerning changing weather and The Army Corps of Engineers, and other issues of importance.

Here is a wonderful fun scientific life changing idea perhaps, for each of us.

If Google decided to engineer Smart Weather Stations, and distribute them for free, and pay a minimum installation fee to the new owner who received and installed the antennas, and it was limited to individuals, not corporations, that (the individuals) install themselves or have the unit installed by a team of Certified Technology Instrumentation  Installers, and was able to become a unit that could produce funds in the near future of the business plan, this could revolutionize the science of weather or meteorology as we know it to exist today, as well as perhaps many other sciences where sensors are important to gather data sets.

Imagine now if you will a very soon to be future time where every home, or an excellent percentage thereof, of volunteer participants, agreed to have their free Smart Weather Station installed on there home, and it was running on a state of at least 4G LTE, or better network, depending upon the technological advances.

These stations, could do more then simply record only weather as well, we could even call them Sensor Mapping Android in Real Time (S.M.A.R.T.).

They could sense anything imagined, be it temperatures, wind speed and direction, altitude, air quality,  seismic activity, etc...

The next science would be born as we gathered this data and watched and analyzed it in real time and compared it to historical flow charts of recorded data streaming versus actual real time data sets while the changes were all taking place in real time.

We may find that certain wind patterns arise at many various times that could help us better forecast many scenarios, or at one single altitude and/or direction , for example, could mean that a certain weather event was imminent, and we could further make accurate projections about many types of weather events perhaps well before they actually occurred, thus giving even more time for preparation, and perhaps changing construction codes in certain areas where so needed, as recently printed in a great article I will leave a link to here.

Quote first:

Top Down Change

SnowstormFor the Army Corps of Engineers Hurricane Katrina was the wake up call to begin talking seriously about climate change, according to Senior Lead for Global and Climate Change Kathleen White. In addition to President Obama's 2009 Executive Order 13514, which requires federal agencies to mitigate climate change through the improvement of energy and water conservation and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, a policy for "mainstreaming" climate change adaptation has been adopted by the Corps.

Please read this super informative article here from The National Society of Professional Engineers.

(credit follows:)

PE Magazine

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March 2013Change in the Weather
As changes in climate become more severe, engineers are making an effort to prepare for the future.

I have met General Antwerp after he gave a speech.,_Jr.

This was about his life's work and the current pressures we face as a nation, and he spoke deeply about his work with the Corps of Engineers, most especially about the work being conducted in New Orleans.

It was an excellent speech and meeting my Father's friend was a highlight in my life, as my own Father is a Retired Colonel and Army Corps of Engineer officer as well.

I am not trying to shift the focus to The Army Corps of Engineers, however they have always been a group of professional military men and women whose projects are closely effected and affected by the phenomenon of weather, and in part, due to me having heard general Antwerp as well as reading the articles here so mentioned, it further projects to me why we need more localized weather stations and what a great asset they could truly be in so many ways.

And also once again, I say weather stations loosely, because what else could be complimenting these stations I have suggested is the ability to gather all types of other data sets as well that will be of the benefit to many sciences, and in turn our economy we are rebuilding with an emphasis on Green Era technology and efficiency, and ultimately the greatest benefit to the protection and enhancement of the lives of our citizens.

Here is a great Mission Statement and Vision Statement which is from and of The Army Corps of Engineers.


Mission Statement: Provide vital public engineering services in peace and war to strengthen our Nation's security, energize the economy, and reduce risks from disasters.
Vision Statement: A GREAT engineering force of highly disciplined people working with our partners through disciplined thought and action to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions to the Nation's engineering challenges.

Here is an example of the Corps work in my very own hometown of Cumberland, Maryland.

picture credit: John Stephen Swygert

Here is another picture from The Corps of Engineers:


More recent work is listed below.

Cumberland Blue Bridge

North Branch Potomac River Highway Bridge

A Cumberland landmark, the distinctive Blue Bridge crosses the North Branch Potomac from Cumberland to Ridgeley, West Virginia. The bridge consists of two steel arches and is 315 feet long. It was built in 1954 and painted bright blue--a color that has lasted for more than half a century. The Blue Bridge connects Md. 942, also know as Johnson Street, to alternate West Virginia Route 28. In 2010, the City of Cumberland and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers began removal of a large industrial dam under the bridge to increase recreational use of the Potomac.
Several bridges cross the Potomac at Cumberland, Maryland, including State Road 28 and Bridge Street. In addition, Interstate 68 and U.S. 220 parallel the river along the Maryland shore.

Photo by: Larry Sampson.

The highlighted italics part I have shown above are still being investigated due to sediment pollution and other significant considerations, so I would not say that is an accurate statement as reported above.

Cumberland, MD Flood Mitigation

It further outlines many things to consider today while we go through these weather changes that are now finally irrefutable, regardless of what their causes may be.

We may further study oceanic flow combined with any other layer of data we so choose to seek patterns against with another and teach us things we may alone, without technological assistance, be able to more easily and efficiently determine before now.

A business model will of course follow that may include many things beneficial for all, for example, each owner could stream a television channel, an "Android Waves" musical channel, etc.

It could further be connected to your Google+ account and your free smart phone.

Your new smart phone would run on Google Laser Communications and be a portable tool, not just a weather station again perhaps sensing seismic activity, altitude, etc,.

It would act as an everyday modern Swiss army knife in a technological sense, however the Swiss Army Knife is always still irreplaceable by any enthusiast, because of its ease of versatility, precision craftsgendershipship, sturdy rugged design, quality material, and great years of service to deliver for years in the future, like mine always does.

With Google Security monitors as well, you would know at the very least that you had better vision and therefore safety afforded to you as you had better information entering most any situation as well as better information and actual manipulation of physical devices in the places dear to you such as your home for example, or your car perhaps, or anywhere else so desired, and I would suggest this all be built into one main unit or product so offered.

Back to meteorology for a while perhaps.

I enjoy meteorology immensely and am always willing to learn more so I can see further for myself.

I have had jobs that were effected by the weather, as well as homes, trips, family, plants, ad infinitum.

To better be "well prepared to protect" my own and others best interests beyond the egocentric worries all too common in life, I have watched weather often, studied it by myself, shared discussion and experiences with others, and looked for patterns or any other tell tale signs, the same as I have always enjoyed seismology, automotive mechanics, music, writing, and yes, even politics on occasion... and I have always been willing to do my best to analyze any system and learn it in real time with inherent flaws while comparing it to the ideal theology these systems are typically designed around.

blah, blah, blah...

So really, I have just wanted my own weather station for most of my adult life, and would thoroughly enjoy comparing and analyzing all of this data and better understand how we truly do effect nature around us as well as how it effects us in all we do living life together.

I hope Google will consider this idea, as they have the finest software at the lowest cost and with the advent of Smart phones, this would be an easy implementation into modern society, would not cost too much, and would be beneficial in a plethora or ways and areas.

Start your new career today and share your ideas with this new technology so that you can reinvent yourself perhaps in this modern day and age while we all transition into a more Green Era friendly environment that will leave us all less vulnerable, more productive, leaving behind less of a carbon footprint, promoting ideas and technology at home and abroad for an ever better growing Green Economy, and finally feeling great about doing your part sharing your ideas and making positive changes in the face of difficult times.


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