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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Filet Mignon and White Bean Chow ~ "SPICE IT UP" with Steve ~ Recipe


White Beans and Filet Mignon Recipe

by: John Stephen Swygert

Patience and cooking properly pays with great dividends to the palette, physique, and perspective.

Enjoy this meal and play with the art of cooking to make it, this recipe and others, your very own.

Using white beans also known as navy beans, and they must start as dried beans to soak and use or else this recipe is worthless, because it utilizes the chemistry in that very reaction itself to make this complete meal that tickles the taste buds so, and never better then on a coll morning or evening.

Before reading not think of the time factor as listed as restrictive as it sounds overly extra demanding.

Rather, simply think of the safe and efficient crock pot to complete the timing as you busily with energy...because you have fueled and exercised well...go about life's tasks and pleasures...and use this tool to fill the gaps in time all the while a master piece is in the really takes organization and a schedule and this meal is cooked in actual hands on time of perhaps no more then 30 minutes concerning your actual time on hand.


1 bag of dried organic navy beans
2 Cloves of organic garlic
1 tsp. of SEA salt
Basil to taste
Celery seed to taste
Sage (ground) to taste
1 pound of grain fed non GMO filet mignon
1/4 pound of Muenster Cheese (or whatever soft friendly cheese you enjoy)


Using your favorite stewing pot, soak the beans in water that submerses them in 3-4 inches over the top of the beans themselves.

Soak 24 hours at 70 degrees or less for ideal taste and chemical reaction

Once beans percolate a bit of gas, or smell a tad putrid (only a mere tad), rinse and fill with fresh water after a very thorough rinsing in a colander.

Repeat over the next 24 hours

Now with the new water, add 1 tsp. of salt and cook on low heat all day long, adding water as needed.

Letting the broth slowly thicken over the next 24 hours of cooking on low heat and adding only the water needed to keep them submerged at the same lever of 3-4 inches

add two cloves of fresh diced garlic

now to taste, add your celery seed, basil, and sage


Cook your filet mignon in any way you most enjoy it and make it perfect to your desires.

Dice the steak in dice size cubes, think classic monopoly size dice, the perfect delicate mouth watering size.

At the very end of cooking, add the steak and turn heat off and let cool while stirring all the while.

A dash of cream may be the perfect compliment to this chow if your mouth is watering as you read this, use your taste buds as your guide.

I enjoy adding the steak at the end while the beans cool because the tastes stay individual enough and are mouth watering when eaten in this chow together.

Most importantly find the balance in your new impeccable meal that suits your own personal tastes.

May I also suggest this as a moderate sized bowl and as a main course, complimented with a plate of spinach and ginger, honey, mustard and olive oil dressing drizzled over top to your tastes once again, with as many herbs as you desire, your individual desires to "spice it up" to both release the essence of the flavors while complimenting your health and then lastly on the plate.

Either topped off with Muenster Cheese and "spice it up" just right for a main meal again, or served on the side with...well, use your imagination.

For example, a white albacore tuna salad, a shrimp salad, or a real crab meat salad (recipes to follow).

Decorate it all with fresh grown sprigs of mint and parsley to consume, not stare at and throw away like far too many garnishes.

Often times I observe the best part of many meals, the healthy fresh garnishes, simply cast aside and thrown away, and it quite disgusts me personally.

So use any fresh digs from your herb or vegetable garden and eat them and artfully decorate this wonderful meal.

Wash this appetizing dinner down with Merlot, Guinness, or a glass of cold iced tea or lemon aide.

Chemistry in nutrition...

Soaking the beans allows the gases naturally produced to be emitted before consumption, much more pleasant then the alternative!

Adding the steak last helps to hold the flavours separate, unless you care, like a great spaghetti sauce NOT GRAVY family recipe, to store in the fridge overnight to blend those flavours.

Merlot (as well as other wines) helps with digestion, however if you have had digestive tract discomfort, try the lemonade with an open mind please...and here is why.

Counter intuitively, lemon aide actually helps to balance the bodies, not just the bloods, Ph balance so that we can promote a better Ph level entirely through out, and offer less of a welcoming host we are all tot often providing in the atmosphere we create through poor nutrition that is conducive for cancers, viruses, and bacteria to thrive in.

Read this informative article below please...this is only an excerpt.

Alkaline Diet: What to Know Before Trying It

By Sonya Collins
WebMD Feature
Reviewed by Louise Chang, MD

"Trying out the latest diet is practically an American pastime. The more health benefits the diet supposedly provides, the better. We don't just want to lose weight; we want to cure arthritisdiabetes, and cancer, and slow the aging process, too. Some web sites touting the alkaline diet claim it does all these things and more.
Is it true? Here's what you need to know.
First, some background information. Our pH is the measure of exactly how acidic or alkaline we are. A pH of 0 is completely acidic, and a pH of 14 completely alkaline. A pH of 7 is neutral.
You don't just have one pH level. For example, the stomach has a pH ranging from 1.35-3.5. It must be acidic to aid in digestion. However, blood must always be slightly alkaline, with a pH of 7.35 to 7.45.
The theory of the alkaline diet is that eating certain foods can help maintain the body's ideal pH balance to improve overall health. But the body maintains its pH balance regardless of diet.
For instance, your diet may affect the pH level of your urine. But what you eat does not determine your blood's pH level."

also read here as well:

The most important chemistry in our digestive system happens within the body, however proper food nutrition choices in our diet, knowing our own personal diet stressors, and learning a new invigorating way to eat as well as more importantly prepare and balance our meals has always, through time, proven to pave a road to better physical, mental, and spiritual health.

While the most important chemistry is within the body during absorption and digestion, we can take better measure with food preparation and ingredients as well that greatly aide in these areas as well as nutrition too of course, because a healthier digestive tract is always more easily able to absorb the vital essential nutrients we need to keep our bodies in tip top shape, and our energies are much better utilized when we have energy left to spend doing the things we love, and not spent trying to digest "Fake Food" hat is worthless and damaging to our digestive tract, and in turn our immune system and overall health.

Please join " Fake Food Facts", to learn and share even more.

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Rosemary may be added into the beans for example, and fresh is better then dry because it contains more of the essential oils that are so healthy for our diets, and that general rule of thumb holds true for all herbs and spices, or any other food for that matter.


If yo use a lot of herbs when cooking, do your due diligence and study them well for their benefits and SPEAK WITH YOUR DOCTOR about any possible medicine interactions. Often times these foods and additions can change the bodies absorption ability and/or may inter react with these medicines.

The more you study these herbs and know them well in your mind's recall, you will further connect to your innate cravings and more and more intuitively know what your body needs as it is being fueled and therefore, with proper nutrition as well as a complimentary exercise program, youthful vigor may and always does return while angst and frustration will melt away like fat so long a passenger to our vessels yet rarely truly a friend.

Herbs and Spices

A Beginner's Guide to Herbs and Spices,,20307319,00.html

The slow cooking recipe (a crock pot is safest and ideal) lets the proper chemistry occur with the ingredients so that the essentials of those ingredients are better preserved for our own health as opposed to having been cooked also purges the recipe of the unwanted bi-products before consumption

Ultimately, we would all eat better and stay healthier if we cooked more at home, demanded fresher, safer foods with better labeling, and ultimately, better understood proper nutrition at the essential levels as well as studied some human immuno-biology.

Socrates was quoted as having said all disease essentially starts in the gut, and I do so believe this is true today, and even more acceptable then ever as we better and better understand all of these internal mechanisms and effects.

Most of all on the bottom line, the art and joy of cooking should be practiced and so consumed daily, and be most appealing to the food centers soul, becoming more and more rewarding, enticing, and ultimately culminating to a point of desire to eat well and nutritiously and never feel as though you are missing any of the modern day frankenfoods, we should all boycott.

Will you now prefer a fresh made wholesome home made meal of your desires and artful skills or...well, ... a greasy animal fat filled cow burger on GMO grain bread, with an animal based mayonaise spead of 100% fat, along with veggies that are treated with chemicals and stripped of nutrients as well as GMO, all together an antibiotic filled cesspool with no real balance for personal fueling and proper nutrition...yeah, with a side of oily GMO fries...or...

Listening to your body and being a little wiser yet again today...pass on the gluttony please... and listening again to your body, paying attention to what your vessel needs and calls for...make the time to educate yourself about nutrition as well as take the time to enjoy the art and love of fine cooking.

Nutrition is never a closed subject, but rather something dynamic, as it is always changing with new foods being introduced from other cultures, new recipes available daily,  and also far too many new chemicals that are not natural, and now the advent of frankenfoods...foods engineered most often for cash money and not personal health and well being !!!

If I chemically, or genetically, or more insanely, was able to modify in a lab the liquid chemical mercury, a very toxic heavy metal we can get from contaminated tuna, however I was able to make it taste like lobster bisque, filet mignon, and the finest merlot and it cost only $ 1.00 per pound...Would you eat it if it tasted and looked like the original or even better in the mind...because like MSG these chemicals trick the made chemically into wanting more of the same garbage.

The truth is that most of us are eating fake frankenfoods aleady today!!!

Some of these things are non GMO as buyer beware and read your labels, but also demand that the labels are better and better with more truthful information.

The fact is this...the F.D.A. is in bed with the Corporations and breeding a new legacy of poison for us all to consume.

Natural beans dried and soaked until lightly fermented before cooking are super healthy and easier to digest and aide in the bodies ability to absorb vital nutrients as well as build an even stronger immune system.

Grain raised natural beef for the non vegans is a much healthier choice, then GMO cows fed GMO foods.

Natural herbs, especially grown in your home garden, provide much more of the essential oils and other nutrients that are vital to good health not to mention they can compliment any dish with impeccable savory flavours.

Try your best to consume foods with no bleach or alternatives. Such as substituting raw cane sugar for white table sugar, or using non bleached wheat, or even better this wheat which is natural and more easily absorbed and digested by the body, as it has been around for thousands of years and is still the same breed and is better suited for our bodies to consume and utilize, as the fake grains today are really not at all suitable for human consumption.

Here is an excellent example of an excellent wheat that is an alternative for many folks, it is called "Einkorn Wheat" and is an ancient wheat that has not become a hybrid or a GMO wheat.

"Einkorn wheat was one of the earliest cultivated forms of wheat, alongside emmer wheat (T. dicoccum). Grains of wild einkorn have been found in Epi-Paleolithic sites of the Fertile Crescent. It was first domesticated approximately 7500 BC (7050 BC ≈ 9000 BP), in the Pre-Pottery Neolithic A (PPNA) or B (PPNB) periods.[1] Evidence from DNA finger-printing suggests einkorn was domesticated near Karaca Dağ in southeast Turkey, an area in which a number of PPNB farming villages have been found.[2] Its cultivation decreased in the Bronze Age, and today it is a relict crop that is rarely planted, though it has found a new market as a health food. It remains as a local crop, often for bulgur (cracked wheat) or as animal feed, in mountainous areas of FranceMorocco, the former YugoslaviaTurkey and other countries. It often survives on poor soils where other species of wheat fail.[3]"

I placed a few tid-bits here to get your mind thinking and give you a catalyst to get started exploring and learning about proper nutrition and I hope it gives you a fine start.

Often, too many of us do not consider nutrition as a part of our health and healing, and if you are suffering from any illness or illnesses, and are especially befuddled because these brilliant doctors have a hard time diagnosing you but keep adding medicine to your healing regime, I suggest you look at the fuel you place in your life tank and start making better and better decisions.

It is easy for a doctor to write a prescription for big pharma, which pads their pockets all too well, however the advice they should more caringly and candidly be giving is about how to exercise and eat properly and avoid the drug machine all together when ever possible!

Well, what do you expect versus what do you accept?

Off to try a version of a bowl of this white beans delicacy right now!!!

Finally, what do you chose, because it is your decision...real live healthy food ...?...or...synthetic taste alikes???

These beans are tasty, healthy, and excellent for and easy on the body too.

The best recipes are worthless when not complimented by the proper healthy sides and drinks, so keep that in mind while you, "SPICE IT UP" in the kitchen, with your host Steve.


Genetically modified wheat