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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Media Paradigm Shift ~ Cutting the Cord and Streaming Digital Devices ~ Aereo ~ NetFlix ~ HuluPlus

It is time for change and time also to do some Math for your pocketbook!

Most cable providers offers a channel package and internet in the roughly $ 125 per month range on average, that also uses equipment that is very outdated, and even limiting at times to video or connection quality.

These are the basics to consider:

Equipment or Technology Relevence Curve
Space (both Physical and Storage)
Power Consumption

With the advent of modern cloud computing, and quantum computing well into the works, what we are finding is that we are able to get a faster "stream" of data with a higher resolution at a cheaper price then most all cable providers can offer or compete with today.

All the while keeping up more easily with state of the art portable equipment that takes up less space where it is utilized, and also providing the ability to do away with DVD's as we have done with VHS tapes for the most part already, makes this an even easier decision.

Perhaps the last but finest feature is that we are able to do this and consume even less energy then we once did, therefore, leaving behind an even smaller carbon footprint on out planet, Mother Earth.

For example, I am a cord cutter, which means that I have no "traditional television" programming in my home, but what I do have is a cellular account with a Galaxy S3 that is my homes hot spot for WiFi (or wherever else I may be at any given moment) and with these savings I am able to spend that on a better television which provides a better picture, less energy consumption, and finer built in technology.

Another example, is that with my economic savings, by "paying myself" when budgeting, I will next be purchasing a "Smart TV", which is simply a unit more compatible with my "Smart Phone" and will even more easily make all of this state of the art technology work well together and with the greatest of ease as well.

I no longer need to store DVD's or VHS tapes that take up entirely too much room, and why own a DVD when we watch them maybe a few times just to have them sit around on a shelf for years afterward, once the      novelty has worn off.

I no longer utilize and "old school" CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) devices, however I do utilize laptops, small compact computers, tablets, and of course the very common smart phone.

A smart buyer uses purchasing power and education about available services combined to make smarter choices, and if you are savvy, you can have the best of both worlds, and that is newer technology and a smaller bill each month, or perhaps if you are very savvy, no bill once the devices are paid for.

With my cell provider, I have a 4G LTE network (and the signal is strong at my home and that is an imperative).

I have my smart phone to go with me everywhere, and on my plan, for an extra $ 10 per month, I added another line and bought another phone.

That second phone act as my dedicated WiFi at home for other residents of the house, my family.

I currently own a Roku and stream paid services such as Netflix and Hulu Plus, along with Crackle and others free channels that has a growing list daily.

A current draw back is no local coverage, but that is swiftly changing with the likes of the business model rolled out by Aereo, which is expanding its  coverage on a daily basis, and has through the Federal Courts on an April 1st, 2013 ruling been given the green light to conduct business as they have been.

I was going to install an antenna to stream some digital local packages, however that looks to be a waste of money at this crossroads today, as you can see what is coming soon if you just explore the link below and also read the recent decision made by the Federal Courts.

This has put pressure on the major networks, Fox, CBS, NBC, and ABC to shift gears, and as usual, these less tech savvy companies are getting a thorough ass kicking, as they have tried long enough to dictate what we will watch and when and what we should by and why.

The people are speaking like never before and we do it by the way we choose to spend our money and we drive the market places when we make better decisions like we have started to as I have set forth herein.

Cut the cord!!!

Most folks are scared to change and hold on to old habits far to long!

I ask you, why would you choose to be tethered to a larger bill with poor quality service when you can make wiser decisions and cut the cord today and have pure freedom to watch what you like, when you like it, and all the while with less advertising?

The paradigm has shifted in a massive way, and the non competitors are getting swept under or are already swept under the carpet!

If the major networks cannot play ball on the new playing field, I for one could care less if they succumb to their poor decisions and hope they will fade away, as for far too long they have been the media moguls  pushing slanted angels in their newsrooms and further dividing us all politically with their divisive advertising, news, and programming.

This is the exact nature of a well spirited free enterprise system in capitalism.

Where, the better comes along to replace the old, and the old dies off if it is not able to modify and change to the new ways of conducting business.

Do yourself a favor, and make the switch today if you have a good signal ($G LTE) at your home, and never once think about looking back.

The signal strength cannot be overlooked, or you will be in for a huge letdown!

The bottom line question you have to ask yourself is a pure no-brainer.

Do you want more or less for your money?

I choose more, as long as it is supportive of our economy, and I mean most especially the economy at home.

Now, thinking along those lines, I wold like to see more emphasis about how these decisions which many are making today will put more folks back to work, and place less cash in the corporate pockets.

Profit is one thing but hoarding money and removing it from the marketplace is a completely different beast we see all too common with many large corporations too often today.

For example, I am all for tax breaks when these large corporations invest in the infrastructure and build a better economy, a better nation, and place more workers back into the market place, however on the other side of that coin, I think there should be massive penalties if they "hide" those monies in off shore accounts, or just sit on it and do not reinvest.

One place this has an immediate impact is it puts the power in the hands of the citizens, and that power is in the form of cold hard cash, and that always immediately shapes and mold any marketplace!

That cash should be spent buying products on a local level, a state level, and then a national level where ever you live, because it is extremely important that sovereignty is preserved in this capitalistic modern day market place.

Is local, state, and federal government listening up?

That money can be saved in many of those budgets as well, where we are seeing massive cuts today!

The paradigm has shifted faster then the mechanism that drives it has the ability to adapt to it!

We are deeper into The Green Era everyday, and these are all considerations upon us each.

The best decision making toolbox is always full of education, so read what you will from valid sources and become more savvy today and everyday, making better decisions for yourself, the environment, your family, and our collective future, and start today with cutting the cord.

Soon, Google will have a network for free WiFi nationwide!

How are you going to ready to utilize that kind of power to better your home and work environment?

The next phase will be no cellular bills, no cable bills, but just monthly nominal fees for the services you desire, not a packaged bundle rammed down your financial throat, no more contracts for service!

Again, I cannot emphasize enough, plan ahead!

The best way to plan ahead is by reading and educating yourself today so that you will have the vision to see what is coming towards you tomorrow while the landscape of the marketplace traverses this paradigm shift, one like we have never seen before in our lifetimes, and may never see again.

I could go on and on, but I have covered most of this in my blog well before it ever hit the main stream media... years before in many cases... or elsewhere where I have been published.

I am much more pleased with my new better more efficient technology and a smaller monthly bill, after all, who wouldn't be?

Why not make that shift today yourself and use your money and actions to speak loud and clear, as most of us have already been doing?