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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Governor Martin O'Malley says he is considering a run for The White House

Governor Martin O'Malley says he is considering a run for The White House Who thinks he will do it?
Governor @[28684115392:274:Martin O'Malley] says he is considering a run for @[63811549237:274:The White House]. Who thinks he will do it?
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He is better then Rick Santorum...come up with a Republican that I can vote for and trust in this modern day and age and I'll vote my registered party...come up with a Democrat better then Martin, and I'll vote for him over Martin!...Come up with substance, transparency, a broke bank account or money you earned through hard work, creativity, education or a lack there of, and you grew it on top of that and above it all have raised a wholesome family...I'll tell you what, I would not care your religion, but I would care that you care about this country and as are as passionate as I am about it, as my family is about it, about what my Father has worked a lifetime to leave us long after he has passed, that we have SQUANDERED...bring me that candidate and regardless of his political affiliation, I will vote for him and sit by him dutifully. We need leadership, a track record, a vision that starts immediately, swift efficient change, the embracing of the changing evolving Green Marketplace, new technology that will both streamline production while offering more jobs through better education until we are the most educated and fairest citizens on the planet. If that is too far fetched  well the game is already over and Rome is burning! I admit my wrongs, learn from them, move on fast, make steadfast honest friends, only accept bloodless money, and will always defend my home, my family and the pursuit of happiness well prepared as my federal, state, and local  laws grants me, a citizen in good standing. I will thump a heathen and help a whore. I am no better nor worse... but I know vision, and vision today takes us down a path of repeating failure of history again, and again, and again!!! Coffee time...wake up...Martin is the best candidate because he wants to run and believes in himself and this country, and I expect and respect that from any American. Mr O'Malley, perhaps the Guinness in me flows well tonight sir, but know that I to am a Patriot, live and love your state of Maryland like no other (Cumberland Maryland) and I am boisterous because Apalachains  either are born this way or get this way...and I do not know about you, but I left Washington D.C. for these here hills! I voted twice for Obama proudly and will always stand true to my truth in word, and all before that from the age of 18 I voted as a Republican, proudly as well...because times will you let me know, let us know, how you will remain flexible once in office so that we will ride and create the cusp of change into this Green Era (check me out Google: Swygert HRDC) rather then idly feel the threat of mental defeat? Our foundation is stronger then can you convince me that you have the assets to build anew upon the changes started, and right the wrongs to often overlooked?...comment candidly to me, and my blog, and I promise the utmost respect upon a sincere answer to today's plethora of issues, kind sir. Friends, Steve