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Sunday, May 12, 2013

My Response to Newt Gingrich Video Featured at The Huffington Post

Newt, I would call it simply an I.T.I, standing for, Interactive Technological Interface.

 This would be broad enough of a definition to be all encompassing as well as a name that could evolve with all future or current legal definitions and parameters as well.

I appreciate what to so many seems a ridiculous question, however your forward thinking shows clearly and I understand this line of questioning as we venture forward into this " Green Era".

Please google, " HRDC Swygert" , and read my article that the US Dept. of Energy thought worthy enough to include at their site.Thanks for your service and dedication sir.

Original article text from link above, note that link contains a video as well.

Will somebody please help out Newt Gingrich? He can't seem to figure out what to call the newfangled device that most of us refer to as "an iPhone," so he took to YouTube to try and get some answers."We're really puzzled," he says in the video posted on Friday. "We've spent weeks trying to figure out what to call this."Weeks.He explains:"If it's taking pictures, it's not a cell phone. If you can get Wikipedia or go to Google, that's not a cell phone. If you can watch YouTube, that's not a cell phone. This device is something new and different. I've been calling it a handheld computer," he says. (Editor's note: that's something completely different.) "What would you call this, so that we can explain it to people?"Gingrich is no stranger to cell phones. During the 2012 campaign cycle, his phone famously played ABBA's Dancing Queen whenever it rang.Watch the video above, and please, if you can identify this elusive contraption, do let him know.Or, as Gawker points out, you could probably just call it a smartphone...