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Friday, July 19, 2013

Armed Guards In Local Schools Imminent ~ SCHOOL SHOOTING

This quote is directly from The Cumberland Times-News as reported and linked below concerning our imminent armed security in local schools.

“The guards will not wear a uniform but will have a concealed firearm,” said Llewellyn.


In the event of any real conflict, what will let other professional responders know the difference between the combatant vs. the armed guard?

Where is our forward thinking?

They need to be in a uniform as a direct deterrent and for saftey's sake !!!

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According to Llewellyn, the security plan contains five patrols:

• Georges Creek, which will include Westmar Middle School and Westernport Elementary.

• Parkside and Cash Valley Elementary.

• Cresaptown and Bel Air Elementary with the Career Center and Calvary Christian Academy.

• Flintstone and North East Elementary and Lighthouse Christian Academy.

• The Mount Savage School.

Cumberland and Frostburg schools, along with the Alternative School in Eckhart, have already been receiving security coverage.

Cumberland, Mary,and, B.O.E., BOE, Allegany County, Allegany County, Maryland,