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Tuesday, July 16, 2013


This is the first and last statement I will make about this and only because I have respect for you Michael (Michael Ruppert, Collapse author and friend), as well as the folks in your thread (thread from facebook) all seem to have decent values as well as decent principles.

What happened to Trayvon Martin was tragic, as we all know a young boy, a juvenile, died by the hand of another with a gun, another who was an adult.

I testified against a friend who murdered his Father, my boss and friend too, also with a gun.

There is no winner here!

In my scenario, I lost two friends and my own life was shattered.

I can and will speak because my personal testimony in life is my experience and my personal testimony in court helped jail a murderer.

I feel that what was done was illegal and murderous because the one killed was stalked!

If he (Zimmerman) had a previous fear, as has been reported, then why on Earth did he seek out the one he was fearful of? He was reportedly told by the police to keep a distance if he had a concern with this young man!

His own personal record is disgusting at best and he (Zimmerman) is a POS in my book. Usually those who seek trouble inevitably find it, and in a perfect world, where we do not obviously live, that seeker would be prosecuted and turned over to corrections.

In my case, my friend who killed his Father in cold blood, apparently while he was sleeping, served roughly eight years, or very close to that. Is that even justice? Absolutely not! That happened in Fairfax County with the tough and thorough professional Prosecuting Attorney Robert Horan as well as some of the best of the best in police work.

I have a degree in science with a major in police science.

It was articulated very clearly by all of my instructors (most of the police science professors were active or retired police officers) that the laws are more or less almost seemingly designed for the criminals to best defend all of our rights... so that one innocent man would be less likely to go to jail even if that meant ten guilty men may go free.

These very laws are different from state to state as well, of course.

I do not care if anyone disagrees or not, the point is that the professors I had wanted to make sure that we clearly understood that only fine police work would stand up in a court of law, and only if that was presented by the best prosecutors, and even then the standard of guilt in a criminal trial was beyond a reasonable doubt, not simply the tipping of the scales at even 51/49%, as in the preponderance of the evidence standard in civil law.

So with that all being stated, there is even more wiggle room for a criminal to escape conviction and serving any sentence at all, much less a long one.

As a citizen in good standing, I have to respect the courts unfortunate decision if I agree with it or not. Also, as a citizen in good standing I have to help promote peaceful change where I along with others see flaws. Gun laws are different in every state, and I think that is the real issue to be addressed.

To get a gun carrying permit in Maryland, where I now reside, is virtually impossible if you are not an employee of law enforcement by the properly accredited agency(ies).

I sure do not need a carrying permit for my 30-06 or my 12 gauge shotgun that stay home safely locked away in storage or may go hunting (although a license is required to hunt), because as a hunter and home owner I have undeniable rights, however these weapons and tools are not to be carried around, not even in my own yard.

Specifically I am speaking about hand guns that are more easily concealable.

My point there is that I do not think I will be creeping through my neighborhood on watch anytime soon, and trust me I am very vigilant but properly so and at a distance, as I can have the police here in minutes with my cellphone with no one getting hurt, and all without any legal firearm concealed from view seeking trouble!

It is far better to let the professionals handle legal criminal matters as they are unraveling, as this senseless death would have been avoided all together.

Zimmerman is the thug here in my book and I would sure hate to be in his shoes!

Discretion is offered to those trained and licensed to use it properly, and that is certainly not this guiltless heathen.

I am absolutely for 100% equal treatment under the law, and the fact is that that does not happen today no matter which side of the law you are on, if you are a minority there is always a huge discrepancy in statistics that say you already have the proverbial cards stacked against you. That really cannot be argued scientifically, as it is a scientific fact and well proven today.

Education and peaceful change is the only clear headed solution I see that maintains any quality of life. Perhaps by the legal system he is not guilty, but I do see clearly where he is guiltless like murderers are and is as guilty as sin itself.

He wrongfully profiled a child, proliferated the personal issues with him and kept them fluid, and stalked him like a patient hunter awaiting his prey, and killed him ruthlessly. He is the adult, and he has failed.

I am not angry because that would do no earthly good, however, I am saddened and hope that the constituents speak loud and clear in the ballot booths!

I think the entire issue revolves around a lack of proper legal gun control.

New legislation is obviously a must !!!

Citizens in good standing should have the right granted to them by the law of the land, but that right is not intended to be abused in the way in which we have witnessed. ... and to think he is free and getting his gun back...well, if you have not seen Zimmerman's criminal record please check it out!

THIS POS should never have a gun again !!! .. and certainly should not be walking free!

Yet it has been returned to him, and walk again free he does !!!

Here is a simple list of other states with the same type of law that Florida has:
(taken from the link below)

Illinois (The law does not include a duty to retreat, which courts have interpreted as a right to expansive self-defense.)
Oregon (Also does not include a duty to retreat.)
Washington (Also does not include a duty to retreat.)
Sources: Legal Community Against Violence; National District Attorney’s Association; Association of Prosecuting Attorneys.

Correction: This post has been corrected to include New Hampshire in the list of states with laws that are similar to Florida's."