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Friday, August 9, 2013

The Cusp of a Mass Extinction Event We Are Living In Today

The Cusp of a Mass Extinction Event We Are Living In Today 

I will simply state that I believe we are at the cusp of a mass extinction event today, and there are many reasons why, and only one possible solution, that might work.

Here is a link to another blog entry that I wrote two days ago about fuel consumption, pollution, global warming and science, engineering and technological innovation as well as other pertinent trends.

In that article you can also see where I was published at The United States Department of Energy, and the many reasons why I have excellent insight into this topic as well as a great passion for it.

Often in my blog I prognosticate what I think I see happening and try my best to you logic and scientific argument to underline what my own personal prognostications are.

I do my best to write these essays or articles in a way such that you, the reader, may examine links with other articles along with quotes, or peer reviewed papers, or science journals, government websites, college websites, etc.

I hope you will pay particular attention to the dates I write these ideas and then what the mainstream media picks up on, as often I have seen many things I have written followed up with a lot of spin off writing on dates after my own ideas I have set forth first.

I say that for no other reason but to state that I am a cutting edge thinker, I read a lot of very reputable sites, I do my own due diligence with research and study, and I am excellent at connecting the dots.

I would actually prefer to be wrong, but over and over again so much that I have written before proof gets proven very quickly. That in itself lets me know for a fact that my examples, studies, hunches, conversations with professional friends and forward thinking and vision are most usually what is indeed happening.

I beg the reader to comment, argue, compliment, supplement, negate, dis-prove, and/or what have you, in any way you can these articles, because rather then have a blog, I would like to have a blog that is a learning tool as well as a catalog of dates and events that may be more closely examined now and in the future to be utilized as an effective tool for learning history, observing closely, staying current on real life important issues and then studying what these cause and effect relationships do indeed bring about.

I am working on my own theory of everything, called " The Swygert Unification Theory AO", and as far fetched as that may sound, it too has been evolving in its own way as I further define it.

I hope to finish my architecture so that one day I may run it as a model on a networked super computer system, even stronger then cloud computing, or better yet,a quantum computer.

I have written the basic concepts for this theory and I think it to has been copied or emulated in its own theory already, as I have purposefully recorded a brief enough idea about the concept and what it can do that any savvy  scientist could and more then likely has copied or expanded my own model, and if that is something that can prevent catastrophe, which is my main goal, then I am all for that and wish to further advance my own horizons in this field as I meet more and more professionals that fully understand what I am designing.

So, while writing this and now relating back to the title and what I have been studying for well over 20+ years, it is quite obviously striking to me that we are indeed on the cusp of a MASS EXTINCTION EVENT  currently, and I do not think this gets the media attention it deserves, much less a coordinated effort of international concern that must be organized to curb, slow, perhaps even stop the tragedy at hand that is happening for real and for a plethora of reasons.

When concerning our own species and that of the food chain and the survival of all of us as species together on this planet, we must set aside the arguments of what the cause(s) are, and start doing a lot more to change this catastrophic event as best we possibly can.

The scientific data sets have proven we are indeed experiencing global warming. We are also in the midst of a cool period within the global warming, and that is normal and common when examining older geologic records easily available to study, which have been studied with studies released, and I will add those links here as I press forward, but often publish early to share what I think cannot wait to be shared, which is my theory and presentation of what is happening NOW!

At the bottom of this page I will link back to my own blogs very well read article on:

The Real Facts On Energy Consumption In the U.S.A. 

The Paradigm Shift As The Result of Global Warming and Current Technological, Engineering, and Scientific Innovation

Well there you have it now.

This may take opening a few tabs and staying very mentally alert and focused as you read all of this because every tab will go to articles or ideas that have more tabs to further support and substantiate these ideas.

I hope you will find this useful,and if you are a believer of this topic as I have presented it, please if you are a college student especially, candidly bring these ideas to the professors of your institution for open candid argument within the classroom and ask if you may right your own papers to further this thought and ponder its solution.

This is not the work that will offer one man or woman a Nobel Prize, this is the type of work that will truly save many species, hopefully our own, as we collect  knowledge and prepare to sharpen our minds and skills.

There is talk in some science circles of perhaps being able to bring back extinct animals such as the saber tooth tiger, and soon, perhaps it will be countless more species we now as alive and well today, however on the other hand we are already losing more species then in all of recorded mankind RIGHT NOW and that too is a fact.

This compliments (or vice versa) my article above that I linked, and I will now start adding links and quotes to study for yourself.

Please feel free to comment or email me at anytime.

This is more inline with energy usage, the transition we are in the middle of, and it most certainly has a HUGE impact on the overall topic I have presented herein:

Typically, my format is the original title, a very pertinent quite that is usually close to a synopsis, and then the link where you will find the quote in the original text in its entirety, so this is a valuable road map for research, and I write it this way as to be similar to a research paper with expanded footnotes, so to speak.    

Please save this link and check back often, as well as send me an email or a comment if you would like to have something included.

You may use any of my personal material as long as proper credit is given.

Why Are Millions Of Fish Suddenly Dying In Mass Death Events All Over The Planet?


Michael Snyder
Activist Post

Millions upon millions of fish are suddenly dying in mass death events all over the world, and nobody seems to know why it is happening.  In many of the news reports that are linked to below, locals are quoted as saying that they have never seen anything like this before.  So is there a connection between all of the fish deaths that are now occurring all over the planet?

If there is a connection, is there anything that we can do to stop the fish die-off?  Sadly, because the big mainstream news networks in the United States have been virtually silent about this phenomenon, most Americans have absolutely no idea that it is happening.  Millions of fish are dying in mass death events every single month and most of the public is totally clueless.

Please share the list posted below with as many people as you can.  This list was originally started by Frank DiMora, but I have edited it and expanded it.  If there were just three or four items on this list, you could dismiss these news stories as coincidences, but taken together this list really is quite startling…

-July 18, 2013: 20 acres of fish ponds full of dead fish in Shandong, China

-July 18, 2013: Hundreds of dead Stingrays wash ashore in Veracruz, Mexico

-July 18, 2013: 10,000 lbs of dead fish found in a lake in Nanjing, China

-July 18, 2013: Thousands of fish dead from “lack of rain” in Sugar Lake, Missouri

-July 18, 2013: Large numbers of fish washing up on the shores of Lake Michigan

-July 19, 2013: 2,000 dead fish found in a lake in Vollsmose, Denmark

-July 19, 2013: Hundreds of fish turning up dead in Holter Lake, Montana

-July 19, 2013: THOUSANDS OF TONS of fish have died in Lake Tondano, Indonesia

-July 20, 2013: 3,000 fish found dead in a creek in Madison County, Ohio

-July 21, 2013: Hundreds of fish found dead in a creek in Laille, France

-July 22, 2013: Hundreds of dead fish found in Lake George, Massachusetts

-July 22, 2013: Large fish kill at Grand Lake in St. Marys, Ohio

-July 23, 2013: Hundreds of dead fish in a park pond in Youngstown, Ohio

-July 24, 2013: Massive fish kill washes up in a lagoon in Venice, Italy

-July 24, 2013: Thousands of dead fish in Lake Bulwell causes shock in Nottingham, England

-July 24, 2013: 30,000 fish dying PER DAY in fish farms in Ratchaburi Province, Thailand

-July 24, 2013: Masses of dead fish found in River Lea in England

-July 24, 2013: Hundreds of dead fish found in Provo River, Utah

-July 25, 2013: Hundreds of fish found dead in a park pond in Birmingham, England

-July 26, 2013: Hundreds of thousands of fish dying from “red tide” in South Korea

-July 26, 2013: Thousands of dead fish found floating in River Dender, Ath, Belgium

-July 26, 2013: Mass fish die-off in a river in Moscow, Russia

-July 26, 2013: 25,000 dead fish “is a mystery” in Pittville Lake in Gloucestershire, England

-July 26, 2013: 20,000 fish die along a 5 mile stretch of river in Jiangshan, China

-July 27, 2013: 10,000 dead fish found in Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania

-July 27, 2013: Mass death of fish “is a mystery” in a river in Skane, Sweden

-July 27, 2013: Large fish kill in the Bahlui river, “cause unknown” in Romania

-July 28, 2013: 1100 King Salmon found dead in a river in Petersburg, Alaska

-July 29, 2013: Hundreds of dead fish wash ashore “due to pollution” on beach in Veracruz, Mexico

-July 29, 2013: 7 TONS of dead fish recovered from the Keelung river in Taiwan

-July 29, 2013: Thousands of fish die “due to heat and storms” in Handsworth Park, Birmingham, England

-July 31, 2013: 3 TONS of fish die due to “lack of oxygen” in a river in Pilsen, Czech Republic

-August 2, 2013: Thousands of fish dying all over Alaska

-August 6, 2013: Up to 1000 lbs of dead fish washed ashore in Ylane, Finland

-August 6, 2013: 840 dead Salmon found in a creek in Port Coquitlam, Canada

-August 6, 2013: Hundreds of dead fish lining the shore of a pond in Toronto, Canada

-August 6, 2013: 100,000 fish die in the Arkansas River

-August 7, 2013: Thousands of dead fish found floating in a river in Hangzhou, China

-August 8, 2013: Tons of fish washed up on the shores of Karachi, Pakistan

-August 8, 2013: Tens of thousands of fish dying in lakes and rivers all over the U.K.

And remember, the list compiled above represents less than a one month period.  The truth is that we have been seeing massive fish die-offs all over the globe month after month.

So why is this happening?

Is there anything we can do to stop it?

I would love to hear what you think.  Please feel free to share your opinion by posting a comment below…

It’s Not Just Alternative Energy Versus Fossil Fuels or Nuclear – Energy Has to Become DECENTRALIZED

"Extinctions are normal. In fact, statisticians who study extinction have figured out a typical "background extinction rate," which is the normal number of creatures who are going extinct at any given time. So a mass extinction is like a big statistical spike of death sticking up far over that background rate. And, unfortunately, there is a lot of evidence that the extinction rate we've experienced over the past 500 years is above the typical rate. No, this rate is nowhere near mass extinction levels. But it is going up. Which is exactly what you'd expect to see at the beginning of a mass extinction."

As Dolphin Deaths Rise, U.S. Declares 'Unusual Mortality Event'

"NEW YORK, Aug 8, 2013 (Reuters) - Federal scientists investigating an unusually high number of dead bottlenose dolphins washing up on the East Coast said on Thursday the carcasses are showing up at a rate that is seven times higher than usual."

Starved Polar Bear In Norway May Be A Victim Of Climate Change 

"A polar bear carcass found on the Arctic island of Svalbard, the northernmost part of Norway, has shocked experts who say climate change may be to blame for the animal's death.
The starved polar bear in Norway was said to be in good health in April when the Norwegian Polar Institute examined and tagged it. However, the animal was reduced to skin and bones by the time a group of explorers happened upon its body in July."

"According to Norway's The Local, Stirling believes the bear starved to death as a result of a lack of sea ice, which the animals use as a platform for hunting seals. That may also explain why the 16-year-old male bear was found about 155 miles north of where it was seen in April."

Record Dolphin, Sea Turtle Deaths Since Gulf Spill


"The report, “Restoring a Degraded Gulf of Mexico: Wildlife and Wetlands Three Years into the Gulf Oil Disaster,” found that dolphins were among the hardest hit animals. As of just earlier this year, infant dolphins were dying six times faster than they did before the spill. Scientists aren’t even yet sure of the extent of the massive spill, given that it was impossible to fully clean up the chemical-laden, carcinogenic oil."

Life in the Sea Found Its Fate in a Paroxysm of Extinction

This link here when opened has 100's of valid links with excellent information and mostly from wonderful reputable sites as well.


The World Wide Web's Most Comprehensive Source
of Information on the Current Mass Extinction

ADDED 08-13-2013: to Michael Ruppert's facebook Page:

I absolutely believe we are on the cusp of a MASS EXTINCTION EVENT...and this may sound nuts too..but the ISON comet that is on the way does not appear to be alone! Study it through the right web portals that are legit. and what you will find is simply amazing! As well as the sun will flip poles (normal) but at a time when we are suffering and the real possibility of a massive CME is very valid at this point. I am not a conspiracy theorist but a scientist, and the science is awesome right now...and scary !!!

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