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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Real Facts On Energy Consumption In the U.S.A. ~ The Paradigm Shift As The Result of Global Warming and Current Technological, Engineering, and Scientific Innovation

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The Real Facts On Energy Consumption In the U.S.A. 

The Paradigm Shift As The Result of Global Warming and Current Technological, Engineering, and Scientific Innovation and Research

Mr. Ronan,

I appreciate your sharing this fascinating information on your blog.

I have enjoyed your blog tremendously and try to stay abreast of local information here in Cumberland, Maryland where I reside and I enjoy your various topics and insight into the hospital and it functions as well as your other news worthy blog entries.

Here is the link to your blog entry for other readers to read.

Energy Consumption in the US

I do not direct this reply entirely to you, per se, sir, but to an audience of folks that clearly do not see and accept the writing on the wall, and what can be done, and what is happening right now, so I have enclosed very pertinent facts and new news articles from only the finest sources, and share close personal observations of my own through a long line of personal family and friends that has indeed offered me great and deep insight to this issue, which I have researched in studied myself for well over 20 years.

This is indeed a sad truth as it seems to appear today represented on the graph ..., however... what we are truly seeing today, which is a vast and far cry different from the past, is a massive paradigm shift in the energy marketplace, and I think the interpretation and prognostication in the graph itself is laden with error as perceived and explained by most who examine it.

I guarantee you this shift is indeed happening and more swiftly then most folks realize.

Within, as below to support the above statement, pay very close attention to the dates of all of this information.

Duke Energy, Progress merger a year later

"Through April, Mazzocchi said, Duke has recorded $97 million of the $687 million in savings it guaranteed to Carolinas customers over five to six years. The savings, which are far ahead of the $70 million Duke expected to save in the first year, come from using less fuel and jointly operating its Carolinas power plant fleet.
The fuel savings have come from burning cheaper coal from the Illinois Basin and Northern Appalachians at Duke’s larger plants, and from greater use of low-priced natural gas. Duke says it has locked in, through contracts, $238 million of the $331 million in fuel savings it expects over five years.
Customers see the savings in adjustments to the fuel portion of their bills.
The “joint dispatch” of the power plant fleet – which allows operators to choose the most efficient generation at any given moment – is possible because of the Carolinas’ regulated markets and the adjoining territories of Duke and Progress."

Read more here:

The Obama administration, I feel and it has been well reported, has had a major forte unlike any other previous administration in shifting to more renewables as well as better technological efficient uses of current energies and energy systems and as you stated has offered $ 2 Billion in funding, which although a large dollar amount, is a mere drop in the bucket of the real investment that will ultimately be required to more properly and quickly develop better alternative energy sources that will change the curve on those projections on the graph of which you speak.

I am going to offer some rather lengthy, and I hope not too boring, personal information about myself and some family and distinguished friends as well. This is certainly not to gloat, but rather set the stage for my own deep perspective and passionate caring for this topic and the myriad reasons I am so fascinated with it on a very deep level that compels me to read all I can about this topic, and ultimately why I felt so compelled to reply to you Mr. Ronan, and with all due respect and courtesy I hope well conveyed.

I was published by The U.S. Department of Energy on October 1, 2010.

The particular paragraphs of the utmost importance in my piece are enclosed here-in next, and I think they are the key to where we need to move as a nation first and as a society second, although an international shift would be the best long term outcome, as it is all too common, someone must step up and lead the way, and of course, The United States of America always tries to be the leader when we can, and there is no better time to lead then today.

An excerpt, and my main theme of emphasis, from my article linked above to follow:

"This to me is exactly the essence of what the " GREEN MOVEMENT" is all about. First, reducing our own personal carbon footprint by efficiently consuming less natural resources through the use of modern and more efficient technology. Using this more modern technology creates a new work force with a fresh clean perspective, thus creating more jobs in many ways from manufacturing the new products (often made of recyclables), teaching the new philosophy and techniques to students in the trade on their way to earning their licenses, and thus, creating new jobs as we push the envelope to gain the upper hand on treating Mother Earth more properly and respectfully. Once this cycle has started we can continue down a path of better design by engineers making even more efficient products that not long were even deemed possible or at the very least, not feasible. Each change in technology has the ability to further revolutionize this new "Green Industry" thus propelling the industry along. 

This is what I consider a new philosophy that has been evolving in the last few recent years very rapidly especially and mostly due to our recent and/or current recession and the fears faced by the rise in fuel prices (in particular petroleum products). These are valuable lessons we are learning and this is something we can demonstrate and share with the rest of the world as we pave the way into a new green future, but it takes fine programs like these.

As an early nation we were strictly in an "Agricultural Era", as all we had was raw land. Once we became efficient as a nation and were able to sustain life at home in the U.S.A. with the food we grew and other raw materials we farmed and with the wealth we started to amass as a nation while trading at home and especially abroad with other nations, we began to transition into an "Industrial Age". After labor prices rose here for many reasons, we often outsourced labor to other nations, as it was often less expensive to manufacture in those nations and then ship it abroad and/or back home for trade. We were the industrial giant of the world. After amassing even greater wealth and becoming one of, if not the most, wealthiest nations in the world and with our labor prices rising ever sharper, we made the transition into the "Service Age". We. as a nation are beyond that now as an era and are, I believe, at the beginning of the wild frontier of the "Green Era". We now have the ability to pave the way for the world and with the world as we are upon the threshold of this new golden age. The basic philosophy of this program simply illustrates how it helps so many from the less fortunate as myself, to the blue collar workers all the way up to the white collar professionals. This is a simple and beautiful system that should be emulated often during this transition that is currently effecting all industries and market places. We, in the great state of Maryland in particular, should be proud that we are on the cutting edge of the new "Green Era" as we are swiftly becoming the leaders setting the stage for others to follow. We in Maryland utilize wind, hydro, and solar energy and are doing so more and more often every year. We, as a nation, must maintain this path of growth and efficiency in order to move forward and build our new worldwide economy while setting an example for other countries.".

To argue would be senseless and as you are an educated man, I am certain you will agree education is something we all could use more of, and when it comes to education on energy and energy usage, our American ways of splurge and surge, pardon the poor attempt at alliteration, has been a very poor example indeed. 

It is well reported that we as a nation based on a population to energy usage ratio are by far the largest population of in-efficient energy consumers, and perhaps not the leader in that poor category but certainly right up there. 

My point is simply that we must strive for better decision making, like our local Sheetz that just recently opened on Bedford Road completely switching to highly efficient LED lighting that will save money in electrical costs from day one into the future, and also save money by not needing as much maintenance, as was reported in the Cumberland Times News recently.

These stores have grown and added new locations and thrived in an entirely tragic economic downturn, and I strongly believe it is because they make excellent decisions utilizing new modern technology.


"More than 130 locations of convenience restaurant chain Sheetz, Inc. now feature state-of-the-art LED lighting by Cree, Inc. (Nasdaq: CREE). The installation of energy-efficient Cree interior and exterior lighting at Sheetz® retail gasoline locations is delivering a 45-percent reduction in energy costs for interior lighting and 50–55-percent reduction in exterior lighting compared to the antiquated lighting it replaced." 

See more at: 

My point here is a better more efficient technology being utilized to curb energy usage as well as promote a new swiftly developing marketplace is, and I hate the old cliche, but a "WIN WIN" situation. .

I am curious if the hospital has utilized this lighting concept or has or will perhaps consider it when studying financial logistics, that would only bode well for any business' bottom line.

So educating the consumer on ways to be more efficient and utilize newer efficient technology, often garnering a tax deduction as well in these transitions, is one simple way we can all attempt to curb overall consumption.

I do not claim to be an expert, nor do I care to argue, but I do care deeply and greatly about this issue, energy consumption,conservation,and global warming, today for a plethora of reasons that are a part of my life.

I did not seek publication by The U.S. Department of Energy, and as an aspiring writer this being my first major publication was a huge surprise and has carved out a bit of a name and distinguished or rather defined myself further, and while in ill health for quite a while, I was honored to be published for my independent thinking that I have contemplated and studied since a very early age with great diligence, and this, and I only state this as you are employed by the hospital as their respected C.E.O., was quite a catalyst of many things for me to come, which offered strength in healing.

My brother works in the energy industry (Duke Power) in a highly esteemed and respected capacity, much as yourself sir, and is a leader in that marketplace and we often have intense rational discussion of differing views where we find common ground that we both can clearly see holds promising answers.

My Father is A West Pointer (Donald R. Swygert, 1952), as is my brother ( D.R.S. Jr.,1982), and in my Father's first career as a military man he was among many things a member of The Army Corps of Engineers, retired as a Colonel with two Masters degrees. One was in Mathematics and another in Engineering. His second career was as the Assistant Head of Construction for The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority known as M.E.T.R.O., where he was instrumental in the construction phases and completion of many miles of the best rail system in the entire world in my opinion, and one that is of course run on electricity, with beautiful trains that have no emissions, and will be a mass transit system that will continue to grow and prosper into the future and also help with energy conservation as well as offering far less CO2 pollution in the long term aftermath. 

My Great Grand Father was R.J.H. DeLoach, a vagabond along with his friends Edison, Ford, Firestone, and Burroughs. He had a doctorate in botany, was very well published often writing research papers for the government and independent visionary works as well as a professor  at the University of Georgia.

Left to right, seated is R.J.H. DeLoach, the taller of the two men behind him is Edison and the shorter is Firestone's son, on top is left, John Burroughs and right, Henry Ford, and standing on the right is Firestone.

and links to some interesting co-authored books...

He was always both the consummate naturalist and a fine cutting edge scientist, and even authored a biography on his friend Burroughs.

His writing skills were alone quite profound, and his thoughts genuine and researched and articulated with a certain clarity not too often found as much today.

He was passionate and dedicated to the promotion of success in our shared American Dream as are all of the men I have spoken about herein above.

I state these things for no other reason but to state that I come from those men, perhaps not as the finest example or best ambassador, but at least propelled deeply by the passions and commitments they each have had and achieved that I have been able to learn well from by studying and speaking about the legacies they have each left behind, or in the case of my Father and Brother, are still diligently working on. 

My eldest Sister is quite a brilliant woman as well and quite a naturalist too, and we also have deep discussions as I do with my Mother who is a classically educated and trained artist.

I am a mix of this melting pot, and perhaps lend my own lifestyle to the arts more so today, although the sciences are always something I can never stop studying and reading up on in my own time, as I read at least five to six hours on a usual day, and even more when my health issues keep me at home more often then perhaps I desire, which has been oft the case through out my life, but I make the best of time and have never read too much thus far.

I enjoyed your enthusiasm in this article you posted in your great and informative blog, and it feels like the same exuberance I get when I meet great men and women, like General Antwerp, Congressman Jim Moran, or the Head of the C.A.A. (Center for Army Analysis) Fort Belvoir, Virginia, Edgar Bishop Vandiver, Carl Mikeman a physicist and personal friend at both Northrop Grumann and N.A.S.A., or Dr. Efimba a thirty-eight year tenured professor at the prestigious Howard University, and so many others I have had the great fortune of knowing for a long while.

These men are friends of mine and some I see more often then others, and some I ask questions while I write or a couple I have only met on occasion, but occasions with great deep meaning that leave the same indelible impressions I see that you too get when observing and learning in the presence of fine great men.

So I really state these things above to further qualify myself more deeply then my mere degree in Applied Science with a Major in Police Science. 

The illustration I hope to convey is my thoughts do not evolve from a vacuum, so to speak, but of a place of deep shared thought and conversation which I research often and consistently look for answers, as most scientific minds tend to do.

This link is indeed interesting and certainly reputable and I think perhaps paints an even clearer picture of what is truly happening, as you have touched on to a degree, but with perhaps a forte of a grim future, and a grim future is one we cannot accept in this predicament.

The title and text alone of this article, I feel, paint a much more healthy and compelling future then what it appears the graph does to quite a degree.

Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration, Annual Energy Outlook 2012 Early Release.
Note: The renewables category excludes liquid biofuels. 
Download CSV Data

Both energy consumption and energy-related carbon dioxide emissions fell during the recent economic recession. Projections contained in the Early Release Reference case of the Annual Energy Outlook 2012 (AEO2012) show the United States' primary energy consumption only exceeding its pre-recession peak early in the next decade. However, due to the shift towards less carbon-intensive fuels, the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions associated with U.S. energy consumption are not projected to exceed their 2007 peak by the end of the projection in 2035.
The largest projected growth in primary energy consumption between 2010 and 2035 is in renewables (4.8 quadrillion British thermal units (Btu), excluding liquid biofuels), liquid biofuels (2.9 quadrillion Btu), and natural gas (2.5 quadrillion Btu). The 2035 shares of other energy sources, including nuclear, coal, oil, and other liquids, either decline or remain similar to their 2010 shares. This projected shift in fuel consumption leads to lower energy intensity.
Energy-related CO2 emissions are projected to grow by about 3% from 2010 from 2035, reaching 5.8 billion metric tons by the end of the projection period (see chart below). The electric and transportation sectors emit the largest amounts of CO2. In 2007, energy-related emissions were responsible for 6.0 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide. Growth in CO2 emissions in the transportation sector is moderated by projected higher energy prices, Federal corporate average fuel economy (CAFE) standards, and the use of biofuels. Electric sector CO2emissions growth is tempered by efficiency standards and changes in the generation mix as renewable fuels and natural gas fuel a growing share of power generation.
Projections in the AEO2012 Early Release Reference case assume current laws and regulations remain generally unchanged throughout the projection period, thus serving as a starting point for analysis of energy policies. More highlights from the Reference case, as well as projections for several energy factors through 2035, are available in the AEO2012.

graph of Energy-related carbon dioxide emissions, 1990-2035, as described in the article text
Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration, Annual Energy Outlook 2012 Early Release.
Download CSV Data

Just since this information was compiled and published, there have been more advancements in science, engineering, design, and technology that may greatly change this graph in very,very drastic fashion.

I hate to "not" paraphrase an article and include it in its entirety, but to read only a section of this great article describing a drastic advancement at a timely junction, well after the above graph was generated, would be in my opinion a massive dis-service, so I include it all herein below.

The picture of our energy and CO2 sequestration issues in this new marketplace are neither dire or as bleak as many may perceive, and as it is too often poorly displayed in the mass media, further convoluting the promise that the "common man" or "lay man" may not fully understand without the real scientific facts. 

For example:
June 26, 2013
MIT Creates ‘Plug-and-Play’ CO2 Scrubber for Existing Power Plants
"MIT researchers have invented a “plug-and-play” carbon dioxide scrubbing system that they say could be added relatively easily to any existing power plant, and uses less power than existing systems.
Most existing systems rely on complex plumbing to divert the steam used to drive the turbines that generate power in these plants. Such systems are not practical as retrofits to existing plants, MIT says. By contrast, the MIT system requires no steam connection and can operate at lower temperatures than other scrubbing technology.
The new electrochemical CO2 scrubber system is described in a paper published online in the journal Energy and Environmental Science, written by doctoral student Michael Stern, chemical engineering professor T. Alan Hatton and two others.
The system is a variation on a well-studied technology that uses chemical compounds called amines, which bind with CO2 in the plant’s emission stream and then release the gas when heated in a separate chamber. But the conventional process requires that almost half of the power plant’s low-pressure steam be diverted to provide the heat needed to force the amines to release the gas. That massive diversion would require such extensive changes to existing power plants that it is not considered economically feasible as a retrofit.
In the new system, an electrochemical process replaces the steam-based separation of amines and CO2. This system only requires electricity, so it can easily be added to an existing plant, researchers say.
The system uses a solution of amines, injected at the top of an absorption column in which the effluent gases are rising from below. The amines bind with CO2 in the emissions stream and are collected in liquid form at the bottom of the column. Then, they are processed electrochemically, using a metal electrode to force the release of the CO2; the original amine molecules are then regenerated and reused.
As with the conventional thermal-amine scrubber systems, this technology should be capable of removing 90 percent of CO2 from a plant’s emissions, the researchers say. But while the conventional COcapture process uses about 40 percent of a plant’s power output, the new system would consume only about 25 percent of the power.
President Barack Obama’s climate plan, announced yesterday, will restrict CO2 emissions from existing coal-fired power plant. Reuters reports the EPA will issue proposed carbon emissions limits for existing powers plants by June 2014 and finalize the regulations a year later."

As with any issue at hand, they are issues where scientists and engineers and other brilliant professionals must work even more closely together sharing their respective professions and garnered studies through research and intelligence gathering across the board and this is happening through the use of more efficient technological advancements in communications this very day, mostly due to the state of the art computing we are swiftly moving towards, as you well see in the medical industry I feel certain, with imaging in real time on the horizon, or perhaps much closer and the advent of quantum computers coming very much sooner then most folks think or are even aware of.

Our local law enforcement is a well oiled machine with this similar shared philosophy of cross departmental / entity sharing by many different law enforcement entities working together and sharing their intelligence gathered as well as planning together how to be proactive in the fight against crime, and C3I is an example that should be emulated nationwide on a massive scale, as it is absolutely cutting edge scientific philosophy at work in law enforcement that is more efficient and effective through proactive measures, all of which protect us all, the citizens.

These philosophies blooming today at breakneck speed in many marketplaces and professions are further propelling the speed at which change comes at us, as well all know, so much quicker every day!

This was the exact science I studied, and it is happening with doctors more and more as well, as in this fascinating article that surely displays this same spirit towards more efficient progress and far less ego.

Please read this link (TIME Magazine) in its entirety to emphasize my pint above with even greater thrust and clarity, and I think as you are employed in the medical profession you will enjoy this article even more so.


"Cancer research — indeed, most medical research — is typically about the narrowly focused investigator beavering away, one small grant at a time. But advances in genetic profiling of malignancies and the mutations that cause them are telling scientists and physicians they must stop working in these kinds of silos, treating lung or breast or colon or prostate cancer as distinct diseases. “You no longer do science and medicine differently,” says Dr. Lynda Chin, director of the Institute for Applied Cancer Science at MD Anderson Cancer Center. “It brings science and medicine together.” Common genetic mutations, like one called p53 that controls cell death, are showing up across a whole swath of cancers. A mutation called BRCA1 is common in women’s cancers such as breast and ovarian, yet the research and clinical work in those two diseases has largely been separate."

In your article's closing and I will quote:

"Billions and billions of dollars have been invested in finding new sources of renewable energy through direct allocations, tax incentives, grants, awards, loan guarantees and subsidies.  For 2012, the Department of Energy received $2 billion to identify new sources of renewable energy, focusing on geothermal, solar, hydroelectric and biofuels.  So, the waste of tax dollars continues on failed strategies to bolster the sources and use of renewable energy.  Like it or not, hydrocarbon energy is still a major part of our future and will continue to power our economy for years to come. "

With all due respect sir, how on earth, Mr. Ronan, you could so quickly discount the $ 2 billion dollars the U.S. Department of Energy received as a waste is well beyond me and the exact type of political rhetoric that deliberately eschews the truth sir.

Like the space program, these types of funds spent on valid and valued research, generate huge spin off technology and other breakthroughs that rarely go without benefit across several marketplaces, and whose intrinsic value are certainly incalculable with dividends that pay off again and again more often then not.

I agree with the last sentence as you have it stated, as the marketplace has been built around hydrocarbon energy and will not change as quick as it is needed, but it is a multi-pronged beast we are trying to tackle, and the dismantling of some of the beast during this transition to cleaner fuel, better renewables, more conscientious consumption, along with CO2 sequestration is not something to gauge from January 1, 2012 and $2 Billion when it is now only August 7, 2013.

Economic sequestration and the policies of austerity have proven quickly to have failed massively, and fortunately we have great minds at the helm, such as Paul Krugman, who is dispelling the sequestration through the current austerity measures.

These funds withheld, like the N.I.H. losing  $ 1.7 Billion are hampering to the medical community would you not yourself say?

NIH Losing $1.7 Billion, 700 Research Grants Due To Sequestration

With the largest of real life issues being undeniable global warming (regardless of if it is man made, cyclical, or a combination of the two), modern health care and its inherent reform, and the advancement of both of these fronts as well as better more progressive modern education, it is paramount that we invest very heavily towards these causes in a more streamlined efficient and coordinated effort that has a set and standard protocol for all involved agencies, authorities, professionals, ad infinitum, so that we may advance in the worst downturn, I personally think far worse then the Great Depression based on financial numbers and population alone today compared to then, in financial history of The United States and get on the ball of re-building our infrastructure.

Would it be fair for me to asses the new W.M.H.S hospital a failure already after a massive investment in a new hospital building and the transition and consolidation from two previous separate locations just a short time ago here in Cumberland, Maryland, having only opened the beautiful new facility since November 2009?

Absolutely not, and that you would state the $ 2 Billion above a waste is again quite absurd and forcefully skewed in my mind, and I am certain most readers when the proper light is cast upon the greater picture.

We are embarking on the very cusp of the Green Era today and this is being done in a coordinated fashion with goals that are being defined and worked on as I type.

The protocol is getting defined more and more each day.

Many countries, thousands of scientists and a plethora of other professionals are at work each day in ways we did not have at our disposal just a very, very short time ago.

The finest men and women at N.A.S.A. want to send a manned mission to Mars? That is a clear and evident and articulated fact today, and what we have done with the rover is nothing short of astonishing!


Curiosity Rover 'Blazing Trail' for Humans on Mars, NASA Chief Says

"The long-term goal of NASA's human spaceflight program is to put boots on the Red Planet. Indeed, President Barack Obama has directed the agency to get astronauts to a near-Earth asteroid by 2025, then on to the vicinity of Marsby the mid-2030s."

My friend Carl Mikeman, was instrumental in the flight plan for the rover mission, and I know men and women like this that believe in a very bright future, and do not skew science or fact and stay positive on their collective mission with only a clear fought victory in site.


Curiosity Rover 'Blazing Trail' for Humans on Mars, NASA Chief Says

The gravity of the argument today says undeniably global warming is real and happening at a faster pace then expected.

However, so are the advancements too !

Please read this link below.

May 27, 2013:

Livermore scientists develop CO2 sequestration technique that produces 'supergreen' hydrogen fuel, offsets ocean acidification

Read this next!

Shall we not react? 

The dire consequences are happening already and will continue to scale up, and that again is scientific fact!


Climate change on pace to occur 10 times faster than any change recorded in past 65 million years, Stanford scientists say

Not only is the planet undergoing one of the largest climate changes in the past 65 million years, Stanford climate scientists Noah Diffenbaugh and Chris Field report that it's on pace to occur at a rate 10 times faster than any change in that period. Without intervention, this extreme pace could lead to a 5-6 degree Celsius spike in annual temperatures by the end of the century.


Engineering for Climate Change Adaptation at the US Army Corps of Engineers: Policy, Plans, and Projects

The finest minds already know what must be done and it will be forward thinkers, scientists, mathematicians and engineers that lead the way, as far too many other rest on their collective laurels and do not board N.O.A.A.'s New Ark!

This is to biblical history akin to Noah's Ark precisely! 

There is still time to get on board...or continue to scoff and throw stones at your own glass houses!

Engineers see this as perhaps the greatest test in modern or perhaps all of recorded time, as new standards will have to be the norm, and new designs a must to withstand and protect against escalating weather events, and their short and long term after math that we have all already seen first hand and regularly.

Please read this link below as well, as it says so much in few words with such superior diligence.

March, 2013
Change in the Weather

As changes in climate become more severe, engineers are making an effort to prepare for the future.

I have been reading and studying this (global warming) and discussing this undeniable reality for well over 20+ years now, and quite honestly I was very skeptical in the early days.

I am now a huge proponent of this cause and its challenges we all face.

I will touch on the main topics to stay on point as best possible and I hope persuade you to be at least open minded enough if not so already to see if you can envision what I know and understand well through science.

There is so much more I would enjoy sharing, entailing other research, peer reviewed papers, pictures, etc., however I think these main links are quite clear and if well read and studied will unlock the door to many exploratory questions any reader should have after reading this material and realizing these inevitable  realizations and ground breaking research. 

Evolution is using one's mind to survive and adapt to one's environment, otherwise, what or more precisely, who is left to evolve.

Adaptation takes on a huge calling when one must adapt to that environment and not cause further harm, and even more especially when that environment is changing so swiftly.

For example, as nuclear energy gets pushed aside, little is written in the mass media about the incredible development and design of mobile nuclear stations that can easily provide enough energy to supply a small city, at a relatively small cost, and these units may be moved and do not require massive amounts of water for cooling,nor do they produce mush nuclear waste.

"Lockhead Martin’s Skunk Works is famous for developing advanced technologies. Now Skunk Works Program Manager Charles Chase has outlined their plan for creating a 100 MW Fusion prototype by 2017.
For the last 50 years nuclear fusion has been viewed as the future of power production. With an energy density that’s six orders of magnitude greater than oil, running on low-cost deuterium, it makes sense that nations around the world have been pouring money into nuclear fusion R&D."

Read here all about Skunk Works.

This is not myth or fantasy!

This is state of the art scientific advancement and engineering by Lockheed Martin !!!

So in closing, siting these articles herein, and all from extremely reliable sources, what do you think that graph would look like if we cut austerity and financial sequestration, spent our monies employing the masses and rebuilding a secure middle class while building the new proper and Green Era Infrastructure (G.E.I), and gained world wide energy independence?

The original statement about being stuck in a petroleum based economy for the long term is pure hogwash and will only be the truth in the short term future if we choose poorly with a lack of vision and failing leadership.

I have sited great articles that are brand new and cutting edge and as these new things are transpiring with great promise, we have now at our hands thew new way to build our new marketplaces and economy into the greats that we have ever know here at home, while setting the pace and working collectively with others towards a very bright and promising future, and is that not what you desire to leave your family, those future generations that you have the ability to leave our legacy now of overcoming the greatest challenge history has ever known?

This is the modern "New Deal", and the scared attitude of sitting on cash and ignoring job loss and ignoring fast fading infrastructure has got to change in a flash.


Wind Turbines Store Energy For Less Breezy Days

"Individually, each of the developments represented in the Brilliant turbines are a big deal. Collectively, says Andrew Burger of CleanTechnica, they have the potential to be game changing. In an enthusiastic, three-part series on the Brilliant turbines (see alsopart two, and part three), Burger explains why all this really matters to the rest of us – namely that the cost of wind energy has come down by 60 percent in recent years, making it competitive with new coal and natural gas plants. And that’s before you even start calculating all the hidden, but very real economic costs caused by our reliance on fossil fuels."

This is no longer a political party issue, but THE ISSUE to contend with !!!

The shift is happening and it will be obvious in very close time that this graph will in all reality not look like the one in the report as shown, because it was based on things the way they were, not the way things are changing and especially not on all the brand new great innovation rapidly flooding this marketplace.


Got Science? A 'Green Tea Party' May Be Brewing

Posted: 08/08/2013 5:21 pm
"Regulators on the all-Republican commission voted 3-2 in favor of a plan that requires Atlanta-based Georgia Power Co. to increase its solar power capacity by 525 megawatts by the end of 2016. The decision comes on the heels of the announcement that Georgia Power, a subsidiary of Southern Co., is planning to retire more than 2,000 megawatts worth of coal-fired generating capacity."

...and additionally is this staggering quote from a recent report...

"The fact is, solar has been one of the nation's fastest growing industries for the past several years, now supporting more than 100,000 jobs at 5,600 companies operating in every state in the nation. With the rate of utility solar installations more than doubling since 2012, the United States is now on track to add another 4,400 megawatts of photovoltaic power in 2013.

All of which has been noted with considerable alarm by some electric utilities. A recent report distributed by the Edison Electric Institute, the industry's main trade group, for instance, calls the growth of small-scale solar systems the "largest near-term threat" to the industry and warns of a disruption to the industry similar to the one wrought by cell phones on the landline telephone industry."

The massive majority of men and women across this country are crying, depressed, suicidal, dis-appointed, and want to live this new American Dream we can and will forge ahead with now.

The greatest thing for health care and the environment is getting back to work and being able to live with comfort an security and food on the table.

Embrace the change and dream huge!

Imagine today alternative energy such as SkunkWorks throughout the country.

Imagine these factories partially automated but purposefully staffed with labor to perform most of the work that is not as critical and precise as a robot can do.

Imagine even more wind energy that is further evolved and more environmentally friendly to birds, imagine embracing the new solar advancements that we have gained alongside the ever growing advancement is battery and energy storage technology.

Imagine and Dream and lets get back to work and work hard as the clock is so close to being against us.

Is it far fetched to think that the government bailed out auto makers could perhaps offer free electric cars for all that want to trade in a gasoline powered car? ...and that we could recycle the gasoline cars into more new electric cars?

That is an investment and quickly builds a new marketplace stronger as well as offers the ability to start new vocational schools that could easily be modeled on the very successful modern German apprenticeship systems.

Imagine the cheapest inland transportation, trains,converting to a system such as the electric rails my Father helped to build in the Washington D.C. are  while employed at M.E.T.RO.

Imagine the new jobs available, and the new hard earned money that was again being spent back into the New American Dream, the secondary jobs that this would require in so many older and regular non shifting marketplaces, because where there will be a demand, we will have to supply it.

This is the complete opposite to austerity, and this is the only promise left to both a short term and a 
long term solution of which we will all be the benefactors.

There will be even less greed and more wealth because those that hoard would not feel the sick compulsion to do so, and those that invest in the new cities, the new infrastructures, will profit and have piece of mind knowing they were a part of the new beginning.  

Far and away perhaps, imagine perhaps a bioJETfuel so that we can stop burning petroleum fuel in air crafts, perhaps the overall largest polluters to our air and seas.

Airbus, Air Canada partner with BioFuelNet Canada on biojet fuel

By Chris Hanson | May 21, 2013

Imagine the entire shipping industry that follows suit and helps to keep our oceans cleaner and perhaps never have a need again to destroy the water ways such as the horrific and still deeply impactful BP Gulf Oil Spill.

That original graph the respectful Mr.Ronan shared in his blog is indeed insightful as portrayed, and it is our collective ignorance and denial that we cannot do any better that will and is paving a way to our species destruction.

We are in the middle of a Global Extinction Level Event right now!

I will close with this.

I had the recent honor of attending the 60th Anniversary of The Korean War Armistice along with my beloved Father and other family members.

I watch the pageantry and I heard great stories and I watched veterans get the deserved respect that was so long overdue and appreciate is such an understatement,but for the lack of a more powerful word, the appreciation of the beautiful South Korean people. 

After 2.5 million deaths in that war, and with most of South Korea left in ruins in the after math, well it was quite simply time to rebuild.

With our assistance as well as other allies, South Korea 60 years later now has the 8th strongest economy in the world, and that economy is still growing tremendously!

That is a pure factual statement, and we should all now hold that lesson close to our hearts and embark swiftly and deeply into this new era before that time has come to pass.

We would help all nations that exercise peacefully whatever their political organization, perhaps, and construct a new international protocol that would help implement swift progress.

South Korea has certainly set a high bar of accomplishment over 60 years of very tough hard dedicated and passionate work, and now we must strive to perform a similar feat. or the consequences are more then dire, the consequences would be certain death.

This all makes very clear sense for Mother Earth, our species, our local and national economy and our international economy and can and must be implemented with peace as its ultimate goal and foundation as well.

There shall be no more reason to fight for oils or the other spoils of such hideous despicable victory, as has been written in the past.

I have tried my best tonight to navigate through an article however well intended I just absolutely do not at all agree with as Mr. Ronan set forth is his poor argument, further site a plethora of sites with real and historical and verifiable progress, and share my thoughts further as what I describe as the evolving Green Era philosophy, that just screams to me to scream to the world... 

What are we waiting for?






This is a very informative article that addresses many issues and theories on every level as well.

It is long and informative and very worthwhile !

As Dolphin Deaths Rise, U.S. Declares 'Unusual Mortality Event'

"NEW YORK, Aug 8, 2013 (Reuters) - Federal scientists investigating an unusually high number of dead bottlenose dolphins washing up on the East Coast said on Thursday the carcasses are showing up at a rate that is seven times higher than usual."

Starved Polar Bear In Norway May Be A Victim Of Climate Change 

"A polar bear carcass found on the Arctic island of Svalbard, the northernmost part of Norway, has shocked experts who say climate change may be to blame for the animal's death.
The starved polar bear in Norway was said to be in good health in April when the Norwegian Polar Institute examined and tagged it. However, the animal was reduced to skin and bones by the time a group of explorers happened upon its body in July."

"According to Norway's The Local, Stirling believes the bear starved to death as a result of a lack of sea ice, which the animals use as a platform for hunting seals. That may also explain why the 16-year-old male bear was found about 155 miles north of where it was seen in April."

Record Dolphin, Sea Turtle Deaths Since Gulf Spill


"The report, “Restoring a Degraded Gulf of Mexico: Wildlife and Wetlands Three Years into the Gulf Oil Disaster,” found that dolphins were among the hardest hit animals. As of just earlier this year, infant dolphins were dying six times faster than they did before the spill. Scientists aren’t even yet sure of the extent of the massive spill, given that it was impossible to fully clean up the chemical-laden, carcinogenic oil."

Life in the Sea Found Its Fate in a Paroxysm of Extinction

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