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Friday, September 20, 2013

The Disease and The Spirit ~ some morning contemplations...

If a genetic precursor exists that we know ahead of time, and many diseases we do indeed know this way today, I speculate this.

If we took blood samples from everyone as soon as possible (meaning birth) could we annually, let's say, do a genetic comparative analysis and see if any DNA has changed?
After being exposed to carcinogens, for example, it would make sense, for example, that one day a cell may change its genetic make up and start a reproduction cycle that would cause a tumor.

What if we peered into this genetic make up regularly and we could see that change well before any tumor was ever even grown, and then figure out how to treat for this disease caught in its truliest early stages?

Finally, the prices are coming down for your own genome mapping, and as we are using super computers and are ever closer to the day of using quantum computers, it would make sense to me that a decent data-base of known genetic conditions that exist and have a marker would be cataloged to compare and analyze new blood samples, and would be able to do it more quickly as well as look for common denominators in disease not yet genetically  "known".

Some of this is starting to happen now on a very small scale comparative to our world population, and I am certain for some it may be against their own personal and respected beliefs, however my argument would be that to see a disease or statistical likelihood of one developing, would it not be safer to treat early and as often as needed when possible, rather then spend the long term expenses of much more aggressive treatment?

It is called aggressive for a reason!

There are truly some absolutely fascinating cutting edge technologies that are rapidly developing today, or already exist, that when combined, are nothing short of catalysts for a soul searching and mind-storming future for us each hopefully to carry forward with the promise of a better tomorrow, and not the treacherous waste we have left in our own wake. Dare to dream !!!

I have suffered enough through very poor health all my life to realize what can be a dream come true for our future generations and I love the promise that it offers, and perhaps, and very far from it, will we ever live forever.

So in closing, quality and substance of life could be enhanced even more so and as great as life has been for me personally on every level, I cannot help to wonder what I could have done if even healthier, and that should be a beautiful daydream for us each, no matter how perfect or not our health, because the mind is the clarity of the soul in us we each know and hear that leads us to the truth in answers through experience that should leave a brighter legacy always.

It has been a beautiful morning and for that I am thankful today, yet again.

May we all know within us each a new calm and carry forth with even more wisdom please and help stop the suffering of others now, not later.

Love to all my beautiful friends along side me as I journey through life, sharing with one another such dear sweet time.