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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Washington D.C. ~ "Authorities Tell Memorial Mower: Get Lost" ~ Mystery Bearded Man Identified ~ Chris Cox

Mystery Bearded Man Identified
Please read the article below, both quoted in full and with a link as well. 
The unidentified mystery man is none other then my high school friend Chris Cox, who I have known for 30+ years.
Support Chris Cox "FILL THE VOID" by sending this viral !!!
Please help send this viral...Chris has been my friend for a long time (over 30 years) and he even worked on Capitol Hill very recently...he has been cleaning trash...bagging it up and disposing of it all around the mall in Washington DC...and has now been called a nuisance and asked to leave. At a time when folks need to step up and "Fill the Void", law enforcement has called him a nuisance and asked him to leave !!!

If you have a facebook or a Google+ account, simply "like" this and "share" on facebook, or re-post in on your G+...if you support his volunteer work around the memorials of "OUR" Nation's Capitol.

Show Chris Cox and others you support this FILL THE VOID volunteer grassroots movement !!!
He was asked to leave and was told by the authorities to just let "VETERANS" step over the trash !!!
Well, my Father is a 1952 West Point graduate and a retired Colonel as well as a veteran of both Korea and Viet~Nam, and how dare anyone ask him or any other veteran to "let them step over the trash" after their service to our country!
Please read this featured article below:

"Earlier today, an unidentified bearded man took it upon himself to bring his lawnmower and a few tools to the Lincoln Memorial to provide free grounds keeping work to the closed federal monument.
It's unclear how much of the expansive lawn behind the memorial was mowed, but Park Police were alerted and three cruisers with multiple officers showed up.
THE WEEKLY STANDARD watched the officers observing the mystery mower from a distance, as he appeared to be packing it up for the day, carefully placing his blue South Carolina flag in a tube attached to his tool-toting dolly.
According to Park Police public information officer Sergeant Paul Brooks, there was no arrest made. "He was asked to leave, and he complied," said Brooks."

On Twitter, Brandon Morse shared a photo of the mystery memorial mower: