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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Memorial Militia ~ Chris Cox ~ Poem

To my friend Chris Cox...

There is a Memorial Militia,
and it is a one man show,
Chris Cox is a man of action,
working hard and always on the go.

He is a modern hero and American Patriot,
who hears his duty as it beckons and calls,
he sets a steadfast example with action,
as collectively we suffer the slings and arrows of shortfall.

A push mower, and trash bags, and a bicycle,
a chainsaw slung on his shoulder like a guitar,
a flag of South Carolina flying with honor,
with its crescent and palm carried by he, the star.

He single-handedly "Fills the Void" created,
by a federal government now shut down,
he inspires all of the nation's masses,
now seen on television in every large and small town.

He devotedly respects our beloved veterans,
and this country they have served so well,
yet the authorities ask him to stop his work,
while this countries politics are going to hell.

He makes no political statements,
rather taking action working while he leads,
300,000,000 citizens strong now all watching,
while the rest of the world now all heeds.

Inspiration at a dire time so well needed,
and a great story to be heard forever by all,
Chris Cox's Memorial Militia example,
His statue shall sit next upon that great Mall.

...and a quote from The Blaze:

"With Congress gridlocked and non-essential federal groundskeepers furloughed, one man has stepped forward to ensure the manicured hedges and lawns of the nation’s capital remain pristine in advance of this weekend’s Million Vet March, a protest of veterans demanding their memorials remain open.
Chris Cox, 45, has never served in the U.S. military, but his respect and appreciation for our nation’s veterans has inspired him give back. “You don’t have to be a veteran to have a love of country,” Cox explained in an exclusive interview with TheBlaze Wednesday evening. To that end, he turned a trip to a D.C. art convention into an opportunity to give back. “Everyone serves in a different way. I’ll just cut a little bit of grass.”
Armed with a leaf-blower, a lawnmower and the South Carolina state flag, Cox is on a one-man mission this week to clean up the National Mall and have it ready to welcome the veterans.  It’s not about politics, “it’s just the right thing to do,” he says."

Image: Manuel Balce Ceneta, AP