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Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Lighter Reflection ~ Lyric/Poetry ~ MobiusTripz

I light another once again,
a flash across my eye,
upon retina cast I cringe,
I think while I get high.

Sometimes I see the white flash,
from the corner of periferal vision,
perhaps it is my eye saying,
hey you I need your attention.

You know that hurts and,
you act like you are blind,
Please remember I am your vision,
and be more in the future kind.

I have been screaming at you,
even flashed often to signal once in a while,
and you finally with your third eye,
started listening to my photonic song.

Now another not,
once a third eye blind,
how better can you make what's left,
of your coming time?

and when a yonder lighting,
anything in your face,
close your eyes and be a kind host,
for next I will consider taste.