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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Global Warming, a Poor Hoax at a Masquerade Party (sarcasm) ~ My Response to Steve Baker The Cumberland Times News Article

Many people make money pushing global warming hoax

Folks like Craig Etchison always have stats, etc., to further this hoax (“Global climate change biggest threat we face,” Nov. 12 Times-News.

As Australian pols recently said, we are tired of environmentalism masquerading as socialism.

Many of the so-called scientists, organizations, etc. , get large amounts of government money to further this hoax.

Windmills, electric cars, etc., are pushed on people so they can feel less guilty.

P.S.: Did you ever wonder where the electricity comes from to power electric vehicles?

Steve Baker

My response:

Mr. Baker,

In reply to your letter to the editor concerning global warming as a hoax, there is no masquerade as you assert.

All one has to do is look at honest climate data as well as the recent history of other recent natural disasters to clearly see climate change is not only real, but threatening our very existence as a species, and it is not the only real concern today either but that is closely tied to it too, and fits in perfect to the larger scheme of things when properly viewed.

I will agree that many of the scientists do indeed garner funding from the government, but that is by no means any logical reason to make your accusation without further backing up your claim, beyond a mere study stating an Australian poll stating they were tired of "environmentalism masquerading as socialism".

It sounds to me that you are simply against socialism, otherwise I cannot surmise why you did not sight any other evidence.

What ever your point of view, which I appreciate, you would have to be blind to not see what is happening around you on an almost daily basis. The largest argument to be made is the question of is it caused by man, a natural cycle, or a combination of the two, or something else that we do not yet fully understand,/ We can determine that more objectively then ever, maybe even purely objective, as science is growing exponentially in technological aspects we once only dreamt of in science fiction novels and movies or our imagination.

Just the fact that we have better imaging and sensing capabilities today then ever before should convince anyone that the datasets and there findings are indeed supported by data, not scientific opinion and speculation. One major philosophy applied in science alone is that of forming objective conclusions based on studies, and these studies are formulas that do not get adjusted just because one scientist may or may not like his or her findings.

My ultimate argument is this. If we know that a certain type of pollution is in particularly bad for the health of the Earth as well as all of its inhabitants, regardless of global climate warming theory and/or studies, why would we continue to implement these archaic standards at our own peril?...and how can that in any way be seen as acceptable?

I do not see environmentalism masquerading as socialism, I see it as the main and most important facing human kind's existence.

Forget about the models and consider these facts, please.

Today, we have watched record setting natural disaster one after another. Need I remind you of a few?

Today, we are losing more species to extinction then ever before, since the beginning of recorded time.

Today, we have a nuclear power plant in meltdown in Japan that threatens the future of the entire existence of mankind.

Today, we have better science and technology that is definitive and more easy to extrapolate reasonable expectations from, and it is also this science and technology that is re-inventing the modern marketplace into a more efficient environment with less likelihood of hurting the aforementioned statements.

Here is a recent study, as I know you like them, that explains that we are not even in a cooling trend in the midst of climate warming's short trend outlook, but rather are warming up even faster then previously thought.  The recent reports missing data that said, we were indeed in a cooling period for the short term concerning the long term projections of global warming, and this came to fruition because we have new types of data, and some of this data was added to the sophisticated models, which are run on super computers, and not meant to be manipulated. These computers are more objective the any human beings could really ever be, so I trust this information even more so, personally. Is that a scientific hoax, I may ask?

I am not a socialist, however I will say that I think this is the largest threat that will destroy mankind and the planet as we have come to know it, and if socialist appearing legislation is the best and quickest means in which to accomplish swift change, which still may be too late in all actuality, then I would have to say I accept it, even against my own political morals in general, because I open mindedly realize their is not only one way to accomplish something, no matter your own beliefs. It is truly about outcomes over beleifes at this point, and we need outcomes that are positive very fast!

There is indeed no masquerade or hoax here! Are the millions of victims that have suffered just in the last three years alone all around the globe masquerading or part of a hoax?

On another point you made, I have no guilt and I do not agree with your assertion of electric cars and windmills to ease others guilt, as guilt does not make for positive change very often, and in fact implies a radical indifference to positive change, just by its very nature.

Regarding your original P.S., "P.S.: Did you ever wonder where the electricity comes from to power electric vehicles?"

I wondered about it decades ago. I have studied this since then and have done my own personal best to keep an open mind. I was published by The United States Department of Energy in 2010 on this very topic. (Google: Swygert HRDC)

Because I wondered, and because others like myself have wondered, less and less of that fuel is coming from harmful sources, and that is the exact point of the entire paradigm shift, overall.

Even if global warming was not a current reality, I still think this paradigm shift is imperative, because the facts are that we have passed "peak oil", hurt the Earth as well as all species with our current practices, need to employ more citizens across the globe that can help build this newer and better infrastructure, and finally utilize the scientific advancements that are more efficient then the outdated way we have conducted life for far too long, while we build an even better market place.

We have a beautiful and promising country, and all of these things would only and simply be upgrades over how things are now and better enhance life. How can anyone be against that, unless they are just uninformed and stubborn too?

How could anyone be against solar cells outside of their home and L.E.D. lights in their own home and the real possibility of becoming independent off of the power grid while also perhaps contributing back on consumption (conservation) as well as helping to make the energy grid on a whole less vulnerable.

I would also suggest at this time studying the GridEx II scenario as described and the simulations run recently, involving over 150 corporations and countless military and civilian .participants. It is an early part of this paradigm shift we have been making for years now, so even just saying it is a hoax, or even perceived as socialist in some manifestations, it is happening which is a definitive reality. These are shifting and polarizing times indeed, but in ways larger then we have known for a very, very long time, greater then centuries.

The last civilizations fell under similar circumstance, but we are trying to adapt and meet the challenges so we can evolve, but it sure is a close game!

This will also help the power companies to de-centralize, which is imperative for our national security and efficiency, as you will learn again by studying GridEx II online at a number of reputable sights.

Here are two more links you may choose to consider.

These are engineers speaking about it, because they know that the structures they have designed for centuries need to be built stronger and designed even better too. That is certainly a hard point to argue, don't you think?

This is even another supporting perspective to my argument offered by "Power Industry Professionals", and it is from the largest power company in The United States.

So in conclusion, you may argue about science, but the facts are that a plethora of different professionals see the writing on the wall, and most without the need for any research, although they have that to back up their own conclusions, as well as new evidence to the efficient change brought about by the new ways they are conducting business. 

Toyota has a new Hyrdogen fueled electric car that is still being tested and engineered? Did you ever fathom where fuel like that needed for an electric car could possibly come from? Why accept that past of petroleum polluting energy when you can positively change the future while not leaving a wrecked legacy for the future generations to be unfairly and overpoweringly challenged by?

Do not get left in the past during this paradigm shift, read about it, understand it, and embrace it, and perhaps you can be that guy that shows us the way to implement these programs and industry changes with less socialistic maneuverings in the very near future, concerning the tax base and resources that we all need to start building upon together. 

The way we are going with disaster after disaster, you think the funds would stream forth voluntarily, but denial is a deep cloth to cut through and the time, further more, gets shorter and shorter everyday..., and that is reality. I do not need any science at all to know what I recognize, and politics really just gets in the way of progress, I might add.

If a few conduct illegal business during this period which you infer is a hoax,  they will be dealt with, just as humanity will if we do not collectively re-act and swiftly, as we may already be indeed over that cusp, as Fukushima Diachi's nuclear power plant sits in ruin while open air nuclear fission is a very likely reality that persists, all while the fuel rods are supposed to start being removed tomorrow, Monday November 17, 2013.

When the world wide devastating evidence is in your face, in everyone's face, why even bother arguing about petty theories and politics, hoaxes and masquerades?... as it simply does no earthly good.


John S. Swygert