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Friday, December 6, 2013

Merlot My Love ~ Lyric / Poetry ~ MobiusTripz

Merlot my wormwood,
afloat in my mind,
kneading blended thoughts,
the ages sparkled in light.

Offering such juvenile thoughts,
with legs to run upon imagination,
on a cloudy bouquet of delicate aroma,
my sweet sugary salivation salvation.

Providing the chance to relax,
to write and ponder upon your wings,
aromatic tastings of soft oak casks,
to me Merlot you always sing.

Deep in color as any ocean deep,
blessed sweet nectar of the angels above,
soothing lingering languid lover,
at peace the metamorphical dove.

I let you breathe and decompress,
your pungency permeates the air,
I gather paper and pen and write,
through the looking glass self I stare.

Merlot I love you my sweet guilded nectar,
tickling my Narcisistic ways in deep ponder,
made me see the world's wicked ways,
reason moved to the peaceful mountains over yonder.

A communion as I bathe in thee,
removing temporary misery,
Merlot my friend to you I decree,
everlasting baptism in spirits all three.

The Red Cross of Truth your color,
a warrior and knight you do bless,
Merlot it is to you as I envision,
my love to you I will always confess.