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Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Message of The Brilliant Sot ~ Lyric / Poetry ~ MobiusTripz

Decisions by all made each,
what is your Telltale Heart?
actions in haste or sudden bursts,
origins thought through beget new starts.

Greed and desire your Amontillado,
always bricking you further in,
seek that cask primarily,
wicked death of life filled sin.

Tolerance a real life lesson,
by some just never learned,
through cast upon those suffering,
Hop Frog~ed now your spurned.

Do you understand vision?
what you see each and everyday...
or are you too ancient history,
a fly or really The Sphinx.

really ???

Language needs an architect,
akin to Edgar Allan Poe,
to further carry a message,
through darkness we each know.